Type Alternate codes Description Note Mfr
0p5P_Mictron 0.5P 0.25-5 Voltage tunable magnetron   Mictron
100TH 100T Transmitting triode   US
1018267A   Delay line, quartz   Sperry
10AL1   Klystron, low-voltage prototype. 3 GHz Experimental GB
10E-467 CV1507, V.I.507, REL 21 Spark gap TR   GB, Canada
10E756 CV984, S2A RF bolometer   GB
10Y 10, 10Y, VT-25A Power triode, 10Y has micanol low-loss base   US
121C165G2   Vacuum ionization gauge   General Electric
1236C   Diode, temperature limited   US
1258   Hydrogen thyratron   US
150AVP   Photomultiplier   Philips
150CVP   Photomultiplier   Philips
15E 4C30 Triode, power UHF   US
15R 4B30 HV rectifier, gridless 15E   US
1613 VT-175, CV655 Power pentode, 6F6 selected for transmitting use   US
1614   Power pentode, special 6L6 for transmitting use   US
1616 VT-266, 38267, CV2679 Vacuum rectifier, quick heating   US
1630 VT-128, CV2715, 12H Hexode, orbital-beam VHF amplifier   RCA
1636   Beam-deflection UHF mixer   RCA
1654   Miniature HV rectifier   US
1710   Full-wave mercury rectifier   Philips
175HQ   Ultra-hi-rel amplifier for submarine repeaters Very rare Bell
18503   Radiation counter   Philips
1851 RK-1851, CV599 RF/IF or video amplifier   US
1876   High-voltage vacuum rectifier   Philips
1950-004 6390, QKK1315 Klystron, selected to HP specs   US
1960 S836 Spark gap TR   US
1B22   Spark gap, radar pulse modulator   WE
1B23 729A TR cell   US
1B24 X6011, REL 30 TR cell, X-band   US
1B25 S853 TR spark gap   RCA
1B26 X6010 TR cell, K-band   US
1B29   Spark gap, radar pulse modulator   WE
1B35A   ATR cell, X-band   US
1B37   ATR cell, X-band   US
1B38   Pre-TR, S-band   US
1B40   TR spark gap   US
1B42   Spark gap, mercury radar pulse modulator   US
1B45   Spark gap, radar pulse modulator   US
1B63   TR cell, X-band   US
1DP1   CRT, 3/4-inch miniature   NU
1N21   Silicon diode, microwave mixer, detector    
1N22   Silicon diode, microwave mixer, detector    
1N23   Silicon diode, microwave mixer, detector    
1N25   Silicon diode, microwave mixer, detector    
1N28   Silicon diode, microwave mixer, detector    
1N40   Germanium diode varactor   Sylvania
1N82A   UHF silicon diode    
1P24   Vacuum photocell    
1P25   IR image converter   US
1P28   Photomultiplier, UV spectrum    
1Q23   Cavity, X-band high-Q    
1S21-GL   Vacuum SPDT switch    
2-01 2-01C UHF diode, measurement probes   Eimac
2-150D 152-RA HV rectifier    Eimac
204A, GL-204A VT-22, 38104, CV2563 Transmitting triode air-cooled   US
2050 2050A, 2050W, VT-245 Xenon-filled thyratron tetrode    
2051 Vt-109 Xenon-filled thyratron tetrode, derated 2050    
207 UV-207, VT-34, 38107, F-307A Power transmitting triode, water-cooled    
2154-Mullard   Large window photocell   GB
215A   Peanut triode amplifier   WE
227-Eimac   UHF power triode   Eimac
227A-Eimac   UHF power triode   Eimac
2442B   Hex-window photomultiplier   Amperex
24B1 CV85 Trigatron   GB
24B9 CV6008, CV6173 Trigatron   GB
250R 2-250A HV rectifier, gridless 250T   Eimac
250T   Transmitting triode   Eimac
25391   TWT    
253NO-120A   Mercury displacement contactor, DPST    
254_HK   Transmitting power triode   HK
25T 3-25A3 Transmitting triode   Eimac
261A   Transmitting triode   WE
282A   Transmitting tetrode   WE
28D7   Double low-voltage beam power amplifier   US
29D15   Bayard-Alpert vacuum ionization gauge   AEI
2AS15A   Temperature-limited diode    
2B22   Lighthouse planar diode    
2B23 ZP650 Magnetically controlled diode   GE
2BP1   2-inch CRT    
2C36 SB846 Rocket UHF triode   Sylvania
2C37 SB846A Rocket UHF triode   Sylvania
2C39   UHF 'oil can' power triode    
2C40A 2C40, ZP620 Lighthouse planar triode    
2C41   UHF 'oil can' power triode    
2C42   Lighthouse planar triode    
2C43 GL-464A, 464, 464A Lighthouse planar triode    
2C44 GL-464 Lighthouse planar triode    
2C46   Lighthouse planar triode    
2C50 CK1800 Dual triode   Raytheon
2D29   Subminiature thyratron    
2E22   Transmitting pentode    
2E24   VHF transmitting tetrode    
2H21   Phasitron, FM modulator   GE
2J21 WL-442, D2RN1 Early X-band pulse magnetron    
2J21A   Early X-band pulse magnetron    
2J22   Pulse magnetron, S-band   Raytheon
2J27   Pulse magnetron, S-band   Raytheon
2J34 CV1810 Pulse magnetron, S-band    
2J36   X-band unstrapped magnetron   Raytheon
2J38   S-band magnetron    
2J39   S-band magnetron    
2J42   X-band magnetron    
2J49   X-band magnetron, variant of 725A    
2J50   X-band magnetron, variant of 725A    
2J51A   X-band tunable magnetron    
2J55 QK-47 X-band packaged magnetron, fixed frequency 2J51    
2J56   X-band packaged magnetron, similar to 2J55    
2J61 2J61A, 706T1 S-band tunable magnetron    
2J62 2J62A S-band tunable magnetron    
2J70   S-band pulse magnetron    
2K25   X-band reflex klystron    
2K28 QK-28 Reflex klystron, external cavity    
2K33 QK-33 Reflex klystron, K band    
2K33A   Reflex klystron, K band    
2K33B   Reflex klystron, K band    
2K41   S-band klystron    
2K45   X-band reflex klystron, thermally tuned    
2K48   Wide band reflex klystron    
2K50   X-band reflex klystron, thermally tuned, WG out    
2SM15   Temperature-limited diode    
2T150G   High-voltage vacuum rectifier   Fivre
2X1000A   High-voltage vacuum rectifier    
304H   Transmitting triode, similar to Eimac 304TH   HK
316A VT-191, 4316, CV683 UHF 'doorknob' transmitting triode    
3184   Neon glow tuning indicator, tuneon Rare Cossor
322 CAA-322 Oil can' UHF power diode   Machlett
327A 5C27 UHF power triode   Eimac
330C   Industrial thyratron    
334H-8175   TWT power amplifier   Hughes
356A 4356A Transmitting power triode   WE
356B   Transmitting power triode   WE
357B   Transmitting power triode    
35T 3-50A4 Transmitting power triode   Eimac
35T-Gauge   Ionization vacuum gauge   Eimac
364A   VHF transmitting power triode   WE
368A   UHF power triode   WE
368AS   UHF power triode   WE
373A   Receiving pentode   WE
381-ML 7280 UHF 'oil can' power triode   Machlett
384A   VHF unbased pentode   WE
387A   VHF pentode   WE
388A   UHF power triode   WE
3891B   Transmitting power pentode   LMT
395A   Cold-cathode thyratron, indicator   WE
3ADP1   3-inch CRT    
3B24 3B24W High-voltage vacuum rectifier    
3B25   High-voltage xenon-filled rectifier    
3B28   High-voltage xenon-filled rectifier    
3B600   RF power triode   Fivre
3C22   Lighthouse' UHF power triode   GE
3C24 25TG, VT-204,CV745 VHF power triode    
3C27   Milli-micropup UHF power triode, similar CV155   National Union
3C27B   Milli-micropup UHF power triode, similar CV155   National Union
3C33   Twin triode, power. Same bulb 3E29   RCA
3C36 R1001 UHF power triode Very rare National Union
3C37   Milli-micropup UHF power triode, similar CV155   National Union
3C45   Hydrogen-filled triode thyratron    
3CX100A5 7289 Oil can' UHF power triode   Eimac
3CX1500A7 8877 Power triode   Eimac
3CX3000F1 8239 High-power triode   Eimac
3D21 3D21A, 3D21B Power tetrode for pulse mofulators    
3D22A   Gas-filled thyratron tetrode    
3DP1   3-inch CRT    
3E29 829B Power dual tetrode, pulse modulator    
3F20TA   22 kW water-cooled transmitting triode   Fivre
3F22TA 5771 22 kW folded anode version of 3F20TA   Fivre
3F3-TRX   3 kW air-cooled transmitting triode   Fivre
3F6-TRX   6 kW air-cooled transmitting triode   Fivre
3HP7   3-inch CRT, P7 screen, electromagnetic deflection    
3J22 SD849B Magnetron, interdigital   Sylvania
3TF7   Ballast regulator for Collins R-390 PTO heater   Amperite
3WP2   3-inch CRT, used in Tektronix 310 and 310A    
4-125A 4D21 125 W transmitting tetrode    
4-65 8165 65 W transmitting tetrode    
401-7736 see 501-7736 Thermocouple vacuum sensor, Pirani gauge    
4012   TWT amplifier   RCA
402A   Klystron, early linear beam   WE
4042 5675 selected Glass pencil triode, pulse operation   RCA
4043 5876 selected Glass pencil triode, CW transmitter   RCA
4058   Glass pencil triode, pulse operation   RCA
4062   Cermet pencil triode   RCA
416A-D 6280 UHF planar triode   WE
417A-C VT-277, WL-417 Klystron, reflex S-band    
423A 6140 Voltage reference, miniature   WE
428A   Klystron, reflex 7 GHz   WE
4304CB CV315, 304B VHF power triode, 834 / 304A with British base   STC
4316A 316A, VT-191, CV683 UHF doorknob power triode   STC
431A   Klystron, reflex 4 GHz   WE
444A   TWT bulb, external mounting   WE
445A   Reflex klystron, 11GHz, cooling fins   WE
4460   Photomultiplier, 10-stage, flying leads   RCA
446A ZP620, REL 34 Lighthouse' UHF planar triode    
452A   Reflex klystron, 2K25 format. 4 GHz   WE
455A   Ultra-hi-rel amplifier for submarine repeaters Very rare WE
459A   Reflex klystron, vapor-phase cooling   WE
4624   Cermet UHF transmitting tetrode   RCA
4636   Cermet UHF transmitting tetrode   RCA
4699   Audio power pentode. EL34 with European base   Philips
4B-602E   Power tetrode, pulse modulator   STC
4B31   Diode clipper / rectifier    
4C27 CV92, CV199, REL 7, NT99 UHF micropup power triode   US
4C28   UHF micropup power triode   US
4C29   UHF micropup power triode   REL
4C33 A-2112 UHF pulse power triode   RCA
4C35 4C35A Hydrogen-filled triode thyratron    
4C500   Power transmitting triode   Fivre
4CX1000A 8168 Power transmitting tetrode   Eimac
4CX125   Power transmitting tetrode, breechblock base   Eimac
4CX1500B 8660 Power transmitting tetrode   Eimac
4CX300A-Y   Power transmitting tetrode   Eimac
4D32   Transmitting VHF beam tetrode   Raytheon
4E27 HK-257 Transmitting VHF pentode    
4J35   Magnetron, S-band.     
4J52 4J52A Magnetron packaged, X-band    
4J57 QK-915C Magnetron, 6525 MHz    
4PR60 8252 Power tetrode, pulse modulator    
4X150 7034 VHF transmitting tetrode family    
4X500A QBL4-800 VHF transmitting power tetrode   Eimac
501-7736   Thermocouple vacuum sensor, Pirani gauge    
502-AX 5670 Transmitting triode, copper anode, external radiator   Amperex
502A-GE ZP502 Thyratron, metal body 2050   GE
5035 see L-5035 Coaxial magnetron, X-band   Litton
527-NRC   Ionization vacuum gauge   NRC
53-A_EIMAC 3-50D4 VHF power triode, similar to VT-127, smaller elect.   Eimac
5513-GL   VHF transmitting triode, forced-air cooling   GE
5517 CK1013 Miniature HV rectifier, cold cathode    
5531-ML   High-power transmitting triode, 10 kW   Machlett
55340   TWT amplifier   Philips
5550-GL FG-415, GL-415, WL-681 Ignitron, size A    
5551A FG-271 Ignitron, size B    
5557 FG-17 Mercury triode thyratron    
5560 FG-95 Mercury triode thyratron    
5586 CV3611 Magnetron, tunable S-band. 800 kW    
5593   Phasitron, FM modulator, similar to 2H21    
56-Violet 56 Triode, Fivre violet bulb   Fivre
56001   Temperature-limited diode, rimlock base   Philips
5609   CW magnetron. 2450 MHz, 70W    
5642   Subminiature HV rectifier    
5651 QS1209, RK5651, 0G3, SR54 Voltage reference, miniature    
5668 ML-309 RF heating triode, 7.5 kW    
5670 2C51 Dual triode, ruggedized 2C51    
5674 GL-5674, FP-54 Electrometer dual trtrode   GE
5675   Glass pencil UHF triode    
5680   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooling. 2.5 kW    
5693   Pentode, special quality 6SJ7   RCA
571-K2741   Bayard-Alpert vacuum ionization gauge   Varian
5721 QK-205 Reflex klystron, 2 to 12 GHz    
5722 SD1033 Temperature-limited diode, noise generator    
5727 E91N, M8204, 2D21W, PL21 Miniature thyratron tetrode.    
5734   Vibrotron displacement sensor   RCA
5749 6BA6W RF / IF amplifier, hi rel    
5750 6BE6W Pentagrid converter, hi-rel    
5755 420A Dual triode, high stability DC amplifier    
5767   UHF rocket triode    
5768   UHF rocket triode    
577   Radar clipper / rectifier diode    
5777   Reflex klystron, 0.6 to 2.4 GHz   Raytheon
5787   Subminiature voltage regulator, 100V    
5800 VX-41A, VX-124 Subminiature electrometer tetrode    
5803 VX-55 Subminiature electrometer triode    
5819   Photomultiplier, 10-stage, diheptal base    
5820   Image orthicon, 3-inch    
583   Radar clipper / rectifier diode    
5837   Reflex klystron, variant of 6BM6    
5845   Dual temperature-limited diode, noise generator    
5857   Miniature secondary emission VHF amplifier    
5863   TR cell, X-band    
5867A AX-9901, TB3/750 RF heating triode    
5868 AX-9902, TB4/1250 RF heating triode    
5876 5876A High-mu UHF pencil triode    
5889 ME1403 Electrometer pentode    
589   Radar clipper / rectifier diode    
592 GE 3-200A3 VHF heating triode    
5933 807W Beam power amplifier    
5946   UHF transmitting triode, forced-air cooled    
5947 TT-2 Temperature-limited diode   Bendix
5948 1754 Hydrogen thyratron, 25 kV at 30 A peak    
5957   Hydrogen thyratron, radar modulator    
596   Full-wave rectifier, high-rel    
5960 TD-1 Cold-cathode discharge tube   Bendix
5962   High-voltage corona regulator    
5980   Gamma counter tube    
5981   Reflex klystron. 1.2 to 1.46 GHz tuning    
5ABP1   5-inch CRT    
5ADP1   5-inch CRT    
5AZP4   5-inch CRT, P4 white screen    
5C22 5C22A, PL522 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
5D21   Power tetrode, pulse modulator    
5D23 RK65 VHF transmitting tetrode   Raytheon
5FP7   CRT, magnetic deflection    
5J26   Magnetron, tunable L-band. 550 kW    
5J29 ZP579 Split-anode CW magnetron, ECM    
5J30 ZP590 Split-anode CW magnetron, ECM    
5J32 ZP646 Split-anode CW magnetron, ECM    
5J33 ZP676 Split-anode CW magnetron, ECM    
5JP1   5-inch CRT    
5TA-75   High-voltage vacuum relay, SPDT    
5UP1   5-inch CRT    
6004   Full-wave rectifier, high-rel    
601 hot-wire relay 602 hot-wire relay Sunvic hot-wire sensitive relays   GB
6014 ELC1K Xenon triode thyratron    
6019-GL   UHF transmitting tetrode, 1 kW   General Electric
6043 RK-6043, QK159 Reflex klystron, S-band    
6074 0B2W High-rel voltage regulator    
6076 QBL5/3500 Transmitting tetrode, forced-air cooling. 3 kW    
6080 6080WA, 6080WB Dual triode, power voltage regulator. Equiv. 6AS7G    
6087 5Y3WGTB Full-wave rectifier, high-rel 5Y3    
6090   18-ch beam switch demultiplexer   NU
6094 TE-18 High-rel 6AQ5 beam power ampl., different base   Bendix
6089 WL-6089 Reference cavity    
6102WL   High voltage rectifier   Westinghouse
6119   Subminiature corona voltage regulator    
6130   Hydrogen thyratron, improved 3C45    
6146 QV06-20, CV3523 Transmitting beam power tube    
6161   Transmitting UHF ring-seal triode    
6167 439A Beam switch decade counter   WE
6173   Pencil UHF diode    
6177A QK-363 CW magnetron, FM modulated.    Raytheon
6189 12AU7W High-rel dual triode    
6213 VXR130 Subminiature voltage regulator    
6216   Miniature beam power tube, active filter chocke    
6217   Photomultiplier, 10-stage S-10 response    
6229 QK-299 Magnetron, X-band active missile guidance. 400 W    
6230 QK-299B Magnetron, 6229 uprated to 1 kW    
6236   Reflex klystron, 3.8 to 7.6 GHz    
6263 6263A Pencil transmitting UHF triode    
6280 416B SHF triode   WE
6299   Cermet UHF planar triode, low-noise amplifier   GE
6303 X-80 Radar clipper / rectifier diode    
631P1 1D21 Strobotron flash tube   Sylvania
6322 BL-25 TR cell, L-band tunable    
6324   Beam switch selector   NU
6336A   Dual triode, power voltage regulator    
6339   Radar clipper / rectifier diode   Amperex
6344A   Magnetron tunable, 5450 to 5835 MHz. 260 kW    
6351 CV2276 Secondary emission pentode amplifier   EMI
6356 TD-10 Gas noise source    
6357 TD-11 Gas noise source    
6364   Photomultiplier, 5" dia window    
6390   Reflex klystron, X-band    
6410A-ET QK-338 magnetron, S-band. 5 MW    
6411 IC-16 IR image converter    
6422   Coaxial transmitting triode    
6438 CK1039 Subminiature corona voltage regulator    
6442   Planar cermet power triode, usable up to 5 GHz    
6452   Reference cavity, 9350 MHz    
648P1 R4200 Strobotron flash tube   Sylvania
6481 RT434 Planar triode    
6498   Storage CRT, Memotron   Hughes
6503   Rocket planar triode    
6510   Magnetron, X-band. 9375 MHz, 65 kW    
6528   Dual triode, power supply series regulator    
6560 BL-35 Dual TR cell    
6562   Pencil triode oscillator    
6619   Pre-TR gas-discharge tube    
6700 HB-100, MO-10 Trochotron, beam switch counter    
6701 HB-101 Trochotron, beam switch counter    
6703 BD-301 Trochotron, beam switch counter    
6704 MO-10R Trochotron, beam switch counter    
6710 BX-1000, BX1000 Trochotron, beam switch counter    
6713 BX-1203, BX1203 Trochotron, beam switch noise generator    
6754 412A, TE-36 Hi-rel full wave rectifier    
6781 BL-803 Reflex klystron, X-band    
6782 TD-22 Gas noise source    
6792   Beam tetrode, HV shount regulator    
6816   UHF cermet transmitting tetrode    
6829   Dual triode, premium 12AV7    
6844 HB-106. 6844A Nixie indicator    
6884   Transmitting beam tetrode    
6885   UHF cermet transmitting triode   Thomson
6896 1855 Graphecon CRT scan converter   RCA
6907   UHF transmitting dual tetrode    
6909   High-speed dekatron, bidirectional decade counter    
6923 EA52 UHF diode, measurement probes    
6927 6J6L Premium 6J6 dual triode    
6961 TBL7-8000, CV5239 HF / VHF transmitting triode, 6 kW. Air cooled    
6975 VA203B Reflex klystron, high stability X-band    
6977 DM160 Logic state indicator    
6AJ7 6AJ7/6AC7 Dual marking improved 6AC7   REL
6AK7 6AK7/6AG7 Dual marking improved 6AG7   REL
6AS7   Dual triode, power supply series regulator    
6AU5GT   Beam tetrode    
6AU8A   Triode - sharp cutoff video pentode    
6BA4   Rocket planar triode   Sylvania
6BL6   Reflex klystron, external cavity    
6BM6   Reflex klystron, external cavity    
6BN6   Gated-beam FM detector    
6C21 1000 Spec Transmitting triode, radar modulator    
6C24   VHF transmitting triode, micropup format    
6D4 CV1949 Argon triode thyratron. Used as noise generator    
6F4   UHF acorn triode    
6L6 VT-115, CV208 Beam power amplifier    
6MX1C   Mechanotron displacement sensor    
6TP   Beam power tube, Fivre equivalent of 807   Italy
701A D-160810 Beam power tube, radar modulator   WE
702B 701A TR cell, A or B versions   WE
7036   Dual-control heptode, computer rated    
703A 368AS, D-159764 UHF power doorknob triode    
704A D-159765 UHF signal diode   WE
705A D-159780 HV vacuum rectifier    
706A 706AY Family of fixed frequency magnetrons, S-band    
7077   SHF cermet triode    
707A   Reflex klystron, external cavity    
707B   Reflex klystron, external cavity    
708A   UHF grounded-grid mixer / amplifier    
709A   TR cell    
710A VT90, 8011, D-160810 VHF micropup transmitting triode    
714A   Magnetron, S-band    
715A-C 715A, 715B, 715C Power tetrode, pulse modulator    
717A   Mushroom VHF triode amplifier    
7183A   4-inch display and storage CRT   RCA
7191 CH-1092 Miniature hydrogen thyratron, pulse modulator    
7193 2C22 VHF triode, dual cap    
721A   TR cell, external cavity    
7233   Miniature power triode for series regulators    
7234   HV pentode, control amplifier for series regs.   National Union
723A   Early X-band reflex klystron    
723A/B   X-band reflex klystron    
7245 6J4W Planar triode, ceramic electrode spacers   Sylvania
724A 724B TR switch. X-band    
7255-WL 7255 Water-cooled power triode, 9 kW    
725A   Magnetron, X-band    
7266   SHF cermet triode   GE
726B   Reflex klystron, S-band. 2K25 format    
7289   UHF triode, ceramic 'oil can'    
728DY   UHF pulse magnetron, 400 kW pulse power    
730A   Magnetron, X-band, variant of 725A    
7355   AF pentode, power amplifier    
7377 QQV04-16 Dual UHF transmitting tetrode    
7384 CX1119, CV2568 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
7391   UHF / SHF cermet triode   GE
7416 TD36A Gas diode, firing switch in RC timing circuits    
7427   LDR, photoresistor   GE
7462   UHF cermet low-level triode   GE
7486   UHF cermet low-level triode   GE
7503   Magnetron, X-band. 200 W pulse    
7548   Secondary emission hexode amplifier    
7554   Pencil transmitting UHF / SHF triode    
7665A KU-72 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
7698   Conduction-cooled 'oil can' transmitting triode    
7710 Z70U Subminiature cold-cathode trigger tube    
7768   Cermet planar triode    
7784   Planar triode, similar to 6299 with insulated heater    
7815   Planar triode, 'oil can' format    
7847   TWT amplifier, 5.0 to 6.0 GHz   ITT
7851   Electrometer tetrode    
7883 BR169C Transmitting triode    
7910   Cermet planar triode    
7C24 5762, TY6-5000D VHF transmitting triode. 2 kW at 110 MHz    
80 38180, UX-280, VT-80, CV517 Full-wave vacuum rectifier    
800 RK-35 VHF transmitting triode    
8002R   VHF transmitting triode, forced-air cooling. 1.2 kW    
8011 VT90, 710A, REL 1, WL-538 VHF micropup transmitting triode    
8012   UHF transmitting triode    
8012A   UHF transmitting triode    
8014A   VHF micropup transmitting triode    
8020   Half-wave vacuum rectifier    
8025   VHF transmitting triode. 4-pin base 8012    
803 CV623 Transmitting pentode    
807   Beam power tetrode    
808 CV626 Transmitting triode    
813   Transmitting beam tetrode    
814 VT-154, CV629 Transmitting pentode    
815 VT-287 VHF transmitting dual tetrode    
826 CV630 VHF transmitting triode    
829 3E29, CV2666, 829B VHF power dual tetrode    
832 832A VHF power dual tetrode    
833 833A, CV635 Transmitting power triode    
8438 4-400A Transmitting tetrode    
845   Transmitting power triode    
846   Transmitting power triode, water-cooled    
852 UX-852 VHF transmitting triode    
8551-Huggins   TWT amplifier   Huggins
8592 TBH7/8000 RF power triode, water-cooled    
8596   Cermet transmitting tetrode    
85A1   Voltage reference, lock-in base    
860 VT-17, 260A, 38160, CV640 VHF transmitting tetrode    
8621 4CX250F/G UHF transmitting tetrode    
874 38274 Voltage reference    
876 38276, UV-876 Ballast, current regulator    
880-GL 880 Transmitting triode, water-cooled    
884 38884, 6Q5G,VT-222, CV647 Thyratron triode, sweep relazation oscillator    
8906   UHF oil-can transmitting triode    
891-R   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled    
893B   Transmitting triode, water-cooled    
8980 Y-638A Cermet rocket triode, replaces 6503 and 2C37   Eimac
89D CV2183 Dual gun CRT   Cossor
8RK8   Reflex klystron   Elliot
9001   UHF miniature pentode    
913   1-inch CRT    
92A29 2N501, 2N501A Micro-alloy diffused base transistor    
931A   Photomultiplier    
932   Photocell    
95104 AZ41 Full-wave rectifier   Philips
95105 EL42 Audio power amplifier   Philips
95115 EL84 Audio power amplifier   Philips
9524A   Miniature photomultiplier   EMI
954   UHF acorn pentode    
955 VT-212 UHF acorn triode    
97-136A2   UHF transmitting dual tetrode, Motorola specs    
9765K   Photomultiplier   EMI
991   Voltage stabilizer, bayonet base    
A-103A A-103B, 3J35 Developmental split anode magnetron Quite unique RCA
A-1306B   Developmental beam-deflection tube Quite unique RCA
A-2212-RCA 4C33 Developmental 4C33 UHF coaxial triode Quite unique RCA
A160011A   Reflex klystron to Polarad specs    
A160034A   Reflex klystron to Polarad specs    
A441   Early 'dull-emitter' amplifier. 'Miniwatt?   Philips
A63-10   Developmental diode Rare  
ACT25 CV436 UHF power triode   GEC
AT50   50W three 'foot' style S3 base transmitting triode Early xmitting Cossor
ATL2-1   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled   Brown Boveri
ATS25 CV1374, (807) Beam power amplifier, low-loss porcelain base    
ATS70 CV1365, 4282-BZ Transmitting tetrode, WE 282A with L4 base    
Audiotron   Early triode   Cunningham
AX10318-1 TH-5186 Oil-cooled high-power tetrode   Amperex
AZ41-95104   Full wave rectifier    
B   Full-wave gaseous rectifier   Raytheon
B5441A   Nixie indicator    
B5560   Nixie indicator    
B5991 8422 Nixie indicator    
B622   British pre-TR    
BA   Full-wave gaseous rectifier   Raytheon
BD300   Trochotron counter   Burroughs
BD301 6703 Trochotron counter   Burroughs
BD316   Trochotron counter   Burroughs
BD401 6702 Trochotron, noise source   Burroughs
BH   Full-wave gaseous rectifier   Raytheon
BL-212   C-band beacon pulse magnetron    
BL-696   TR switch    
BL397A   TR switch with shutter    
BL-735   Spark gap, pulse modulator   Bomac
BR2   Brown tube lab demo    
BTL1-1   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled   Brown Boveri
BX1204   Trochotron counter   Burroughs
BX2000 6711 Trochotron counter, shielded BX1000    
BX2003   Trochotron counter   Burroughs
BX2004   Trochotron counter   Burroughs
BX2005   Trochotron counter   Burroughs
BX3000 6712 Trochotron counter   Burroughs
BX4000   Trochotron counter   Burroughs
C-2063   MCM microwave module, CW oscillator   GE
C-2064   MCM microwave module, pulsed oscillator   GE
C100A   External grids oscillator, Collins Rare Amperex
C100D (C100E) External grids oscillator, Collins. Rare Amperex
C1150-1   Tetrode pulse modulator    
C31007-G13   Photomultiplier, experimental   RCA
C5F14 330C Industrial thyratron   Continental
Catkin prototype   Developmental prototype  of NT39-like tube Quite unique GEC
C-F2518001   Thermocouple, vacuum gauge   Varian
CG1162 VT-14 Early GE 'Pliotron', Great War Rare  
CIG22   Penning ionization vacuum gauge Rare Philips
CK-2129   Raysistor opto coupler   Raytheon
CK-1006   Full-wave gas rectifier   Raytheon
CK-1007 1007 Full-wave gas rectifier   Raytheon
CK-1122   Raysistor opto coupler   Raytheon
CK-1300   Pirani vacuum gauge   Raytheon
CK-1306A   Shielded subminiature triode   Raytheon
CK-1307A   Shielded subminiature triode   Raytheon
CK-1414   Character generator   Raytheon
CK-1741   CRT    
CL40   Linear light crater source   Ferranti
CV100   Trigatron    
CV109 9PK5 Pulse power linear klystron, 10 cm . 1940 Very rare  
CV1025 VT25, DET25 L4 base power triode    
CV1030 VT30, 10E/8738, T250 Transmitting triode Early xmitting  
CV1090 E.1046, VT90 Micropup transmitting triode    
CV1098 E.960T, VT98, REL 5, 10E/224 VHF power triode, air-cooled    
CV11 10E/501, NR89; Sutton tube Very early 10-cm reflex klystron, 1940 Very rare  
CV11-UE   Transmitting triode, improved 211   United Electrons
CV1120 SU2150A HV vacuum rectifier    
CV114   Early X-band TR switch Rare  
CV115   TR switch    
CV119   RF bolometer    
CV122   Subminiature triode for proximity fuzes    
CV125 REL 38C Trigatron    
CV1255 CV1494, NT98D, 3D, E.1189 Early unstrapped 10-cm magnetron, selection NT98 Rare  
CV1256 (NT99) UHF micropup triode, selected NT99    
CV1266 NU13A Half-wave vacuum rectifier, L4 base    
CV127 S30A, 3B/401J UHF power planar triode   STC
CV128 SU750 HV vacuum rectifier    
CV129   X-band reflex klystron    
CV1297   TR switch    
CV14   Silica transmitting triode, VHF Rare  
CV1479   Magnetron, improved CV76A    
CV148   IR image converter    
CV1480   Magnetron, improved CV76B    
CV1482   Magnetron, improved CV76D    
CV1484   High-power magnetron, replaces CV99B    
CV1491 NT98A Early unstrapped magnetron, S-band    
CV15 E.1266 Micropup VHF power triode, conduction-cooled    
CV150 PK150 Pulse power linear klystron, 10-cm Very rare  
CV1522   CRT    
CV155 E.1190 UHF milli-micropup transmitting triode   GEC
CV158   Reflex klystron    
CV16 S25A Early planar triode    
CV160   High-power pulse magnetron, coaxial output    
CV172   Saturated diode, noise generator    
CV1736 E.1467, CV257 UHF planar power triode    
CV1739 GC10-4B Dekatron    
CV174 E.1459 Power tetrode, pulse modulator    
CV178 E.1458 Uhf milli-micropup transmitting triode   GEC
CV186   Pulse magnetron, variant of CV64    
CV1883 4H/182E Transmitting tetrode, forced-air cooled   STC
CV189   Spark gap, protective    
CV192   S-band pulse magnetron, conduction-cooled    
CV193   TR switch    
CV199 E.1232, NT99 UHF micropup transmitting triode    
CV208 E.1487 X-band strapped magnetron, GEC Very rare  
CV209 MX52 X-band strapped magnetron, BTH Rare  
CV210   TR switch    
CV2110 BT83 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
CV2111   X-band magnetron    
CV2114   X-band magnetron    
CV2116 VX5029, RK6112 Reflex klystron    
CV2138   Radiation counter   GEC
CV214 E.1531 X-band magnetron, waveguide flanged variant CV208    
CV2158   Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
CV2161   Reflex klystron    
CV2163 ACT28 UHF transmitting triode    
CV217   Reflex klystron    
CV2171 A2087 Saturated diode, noise generator    
CV2180 VX6095, 19H4 HV vacuum rectifier    
CV22   Mercury thyratron, pulse modulator    
CV220 NSP1 Stroboscopic neon light source    
CVX2200 CV2200 Disc-seal power triode, UHF    
CV224   Reflex klystron    
CV2255   Gas trigger    
CV2258   Silicon diode cartridge    
CV2265 VX9077 Cold-cathode gas diode    
CV2274   TR switch    
CV230 V230C/1D, DV55 Heil oscillator Rare STC
CV2317 6097C Photomultiplier   EMI
CV2330 VX9106 TR switch    
CV2340 KD60 Voltage stabilizer    
CV2341   Coaxial noise generator    
CV2346   Reflex klystron    
CV2353 R6010 Reflex klystron   EMI
CV238   Reflex klystron    
CV2380   Low-power magnetron    
CV2381 N1034A, CO119/F4003 Backward wave oscillator   EEV
CV239   TR switch    
CV2393 N1010A Backward wave oscillator   EEV
CV2398   Saturated diode, noise generator    
CV240 E.1495 High-power micropup triode Rare GEC
CV2479   Gas noise source    
CV258   UHF planar diode, selected CV58    
CV273 DET22, TD03-10, EC55 UHF planar triode    
CV2739   TR switch    
CV279   3-inch CRT    
CV28 3J/121E Transmitting triode, convection/conduction cooled    
CV322 VX5001 Reflex klystron Rare  
CV3319 SZ31 Power CW klystron, X-band   Ferranti
CV337   Photomultiplier    
CV345   Beam tetrode, series voltage regulator    
CV349   Trigatron    
CV35   Reflex klystron    
CV350 E.1368 Planar triode    
CV3528   Magnetron, X-band    
CV354 VX3019, TD03-5, DET23 UHF planar triode    
CV359   RF neon indicator    
CV3615 6BM6, 6BM6A Reflex klystron    
CV378 GZ34 Full-wave rectifier    
CV381 BT85 Thyratron, hydrogen-filled    
CV408 A1714 UHF planar triode    
CV43 Soft Sutton tube TR switch    
CV430 29C1 Temperature-limited diode, AC voltage sensor    
CV486   Trigatron    
CV490 19H5 Half-wave rectifier    
CV5 AH221, ESU200, RG4-1250 Half-wave vacuum rectifier, Edison Goliath base    
CV513 4J53 High-power S-band magnetron    
CV52 E.1231 UHF planar transmitting triode    
CV5217   Gas triode    
CV5277 ET51, 6700 Trochotron counter    
CV53 S26A Planar triode    
CV5443 JPG9-02C Low-power tunable magnetron    
CV55 E-1190 UHF milli-micropup power triode    
CV56   S-band early strapped magnetron    
CV56A   Frequency selection of CV56 Rare  
CV56B   Frequency selection of CV56 Rare  
CV56C   Frequency selection of CV56 Rare  
CV57 E.1271 Tetrode beam power amplifier, pulse modulator    
CV58 E1273 UHF planar diode    
CV5918 GX419 Pre-TR    
CV6 E.1148, VT-232 VHF transmitting triode    
CV6008   Trigatron    
CV6022 FX290, 8503 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
CV6023   Backward wave oscillator   EEV
CV6051 CX1120 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
CV6071   Reflex klystron   EMI
CV6099   Image converter    
CV6127 W9/3E TWT amplifier   STC
CV6166 V241C/2K Heil oscillator   STC
CV62 E.1046, VT90 Micropup VHF power triode    
CV6241 CX1157 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
CV64 BM717 Echelon strapped version of CV38    
CV67   Reflex klystron    
CV69D CV1478 High-power magnetron, S_band    
CV72 V1120 Power tetrode, pulse modulator    
CV75 313C, 4313C Cold-cathode thyratron    
CV76   High-power variant of CV56 magnetron    
CV78 E.1474 UHF transmitting triode    
CV79   Interdigital 8-segment magnetron Rare  
CV797 EN91, 2D21W, 5727 Small power thyratron tetrode    
CV8 E.1248 Diode, coaxial TR switch   GEC
CV82 S27A, 3A/147J Planar triode    
CV8265 ESU112 HV rectifier    
CV85 24B1 Trigatron    
CV8563 CX1140 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator    
CV87 KRN2 Early X-band reflex klystron Very rare  
CV88 3A/148J Planar triode    
CV89   Interdigital 8-segment magnetron    
CV90   Planar triode    
CV94 DS103 Diode, TR switch    
CV95   RF bolometer    
CV955   75-mm CRT    
CVX2223 GC10241E Dekatron    
CW10-OSRAM   Early split-anode magnetron, about 1935 Very rare  
CW-38412 312A Transmitting power pentode. US Navy code   WE
CX301A UX201A, 01A Early triode   Cunningham
CYSL-B   X-ray tube    
D-75910   WE vacuum ionization gauge    
D-79512   WE vacuum ionization gauge    
D-II_Philips D2 Early triode, 1921   Philips
D100-600   Dummy load resistor   Ohmite
D100-8   Dummy load resistor   Ohmite
DCG5-5000   Mercury rectifier    
DCX4-1000 3B28 Gas rectifier    
DET24 CV397, TD04-20 UHF disc-seal triode    
DG7-2   CRT    
DG7-52   CRT    
DH3-91 1CP31, CV2302 CRT    
DLS10 CV190 Thermal delay relay    
DLS15   Thermal delay relay    
DLS16   Thermal delay relay    
DV2-Zenith   Early Zenith triode   Zenith, Monza
DV27   Heil oscillator Quite unique  
DV57   Heil oscillator Quite unique  
E1148 VT-232, CV6 VHF transmitting triode    
E1189-Prototype E.1189, E1189 The very first prototype of 8-segment magnetron Unique GEC
E1200   Power transmitting triode    
E1T 6370, CV5106 Decade counter, beam deflection   Philips
E4T   Beam-deflection tube   Philips
E80T 6218 Beam-deflection tube   Philips
EA50 CV375, VR92 UHF diode    
EC157   UHF lighthouse triode    
EC55 CV273, DET22 UHF planar triode    
EDN10   Dual flash tube   Ferranti
EF50 VR91, 10E/92 RF/IF amplifier    
EFP60   Secondary emission amplifier    
ELC1K C1K, 6014 Industrial gas thyratron    
EM-1502   Photoresistor   Raytheon
EM4 Clare   Mercury displacement contactor, DPST   Clare
EN10   Flash tube   Ferranti
ET1   Electrometer triode Very rare MOV
ET-102 QKK1102 CW X-band klystron oscillator, fluid-cooled Rare  
ET-121   X-band magnetron from ElTel    
ET-828AB   CW X-band klystron oscillator, fluid-cooled    
ET51 CV5277 Trochotron counter    
EZ10B   Dekatron    
F129B   Transmitting triode, water-cooled   Federal
F30   Transmitting power triode   Fivre
F4029D   BWO, 'Carcinotron O'   CSF
F4053   BWO, 'Carcinotron O'   CSF
FTL3-1   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooling   Brown Boveri
FTL3-2   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooling   Brown Boveri
FTL8-1   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooling   Brown Boveri
German Magnetron_unkn   Split-anode power magnetron, Siemens/PTR? Very rare  
GC-873 873 Thyratronm external grid Rare Amperex
GC10BS CV2271 Dekatron    
GI-21   Numeric indicator, 'Inditron'   National Union
GL-434A 434A-GL, 7C29 VHF transmitting triode, forced-air cooled   General Electric
GR10A CV5291 Dekatron    
GRD7   Special laboratory diode, Hull magnetron Rare Ferranti
GS10CS CV2325 Dekatron    
GV4S-1600   High-voltage corona stabilizer   Victoreen
GV6A-Series   High-voltage corona stabilizer family, noval base   Victoreen
GV9A-Series   High-voltage corona stabilizer family, octal base   Victoreen
HA2-HP   TWT, HP specs   Huggins
HB-7020   Mercury displacement contactor, SPST    
HF100   Transmitting triode   Amperex
HR2-100   Dual gun CRT    
HR406   Early triode Tungsram  
HX-966 866 Mercury rectifier, old Japanese type   Japan
HY-615 VT-235 VHF triode, dual cap   Hytron
JA10   Bayard-Alpert vacuum ionization gauge   Mazda
JP8-02B   X-band pulse magnetron   Mullard
K1303   Photomultiplier    
K300   Reflex klystron   EEV
K3077   Reflex klystron   EEV
K352EE   Reflex klystron    
K367B   Reflex klystron   EEV
K43A332   Vacuum relay    
K455-3   Reflex klystron    
K81A   Saturated diode, noise generator   Philips
K839A   Reflex klystron    
Kellog_20 20_Rogers Early AC heater triode   Rogers
Kellog_401 401 Early AC heater triode   Kellog
KL71403 RE604 Early power triode   Klangfilm
KL75303 RGN1404 Vacuum rectifier   Klangfilm
KM13-S1   Vacuum relay    
KR-9   HV 'kenotron' rectifier   GE
KR117   Reflex klystron   SFR
KR222B   Reflex klystron   Fivre
L.5035   Magnetron, coaxial K-band   Litton
L424 RE084 Early triode   Zenith, Monza
LBS-1 NU   Electrostatic deflection beam switch tube Rare National Union
LD15   UHF transmitting triode    
LD5   UHF transmitting triode    
Leuchtquarz   Luminous quartz resonator    
LG1   Dual UHF diode    
LG10   Full-wave rectifier    
LithoconII   Image storage tube    
LMS 12 LM 566/3, LMS12 German magnetron. 3 cm, 18-slot, early production Unique Telefunken
LMS 13 LMS13 German magnetron. 1,62 cm, 18-slot, experimental Unique Telefunken
LS180   UHF transmitting power triode    
LS50   VHF transmitting pentode    
LSD3   Flash tube   Mullard
LSD7   Flash tube   Mullard
LW54   TWT   Lorenz
LWG5   Doorknob prototype, oxide-coated cathode Unique STC
M105-10   HV corona voltage regulator    
M505   X-band magnetron, wg flanged    
M5100   Q-band packaged magnetron    
M5114B   S-band tunable magnetron, 1 MW    
M5125X   2 MW pulse magnetron, LINAC    
M5170   S-band tunable magnetron, 1 MW    
M558   X-band magnetron, external magnet    
M575   X-band fixed-frequency packaged magnetron    
M599A   X-band magnetron, marine radar    
M999   SAD device    
Magnetic field probe CRT   Magnetic field sensing CRT Rare  
E.1189 8-cavity prototype   First prototype of E.1189 8-cavity magnetron Unique GEC
Magnetron_oven   Microwave oven magnetron bulb    
Magnet_1A14   14 lb permanent magnet    
Mag_GEC_8_segm.   GEC interdigital magnetron, 8 segments Very rare  
Mag_GEC_12_segm   GEC interdigital magnetron, 12 segments Very rare  
MC86   CSF high-power magnetron    
MD10/1900   CW magnetron, 'Turbator' Rare Brown Boveri
MD10/2000   CW magnetron, 'Turbator' Rare Brown Boveri
Metalix_Xray   Early X-ray tube    
MF150/2400   CW magnetron, 'Turbator' Rare Brown Boveri
MG20   50 W CW magnetron, Telefunken    
MG5222   X-band packaged magnetron, wg flange    
MG8   250 W CW magnetron, Telefunken    
Micro-Bigrille-OC   Early tetrode   RT Dario
ML-719   Transmitting triode   Machlett
ML46E   HV rectifier   Machlett
ML7003   Screened power triode, forced-ais cooling   Machlett
MR1   Early vacuum rectifier Rare EMI
MT31 RS31g, 3C70, W31 Transmitting triode Rare Marconi Genova
MT404   Triode, custom Microtecnica    
MT69 RS69, 3C20, W69 Transmitting triode Rare Marconi Genova
MZ2-200 412E Power triode   Mullard
N30   Catkin tetrode    
NR88 CV1197, RL18, EC53 Miniature UHF triode    
NT39 CV1222, AP 813, ACT6 Transmitting power triode, external anode    
NT45A CV1226, AP 1347 Silica transmitting triode Rare  
NT57D CV1233 Silica transmitting triode Rare  
NT57T   Silica transmitting triode Rare  
NT63A CV1239, AP 798A, 10E/442 Silica transmitting pentode Rare  
NT98C CV1493, APW2510, 3D, E.1189 Early unstrapped 10-cm magnetron, selection NT98 Rare  
NT99 W2514, CV1256, CV199, 4C27 UHF micropup power triode    
Omegatron   Mass sensor prototype   Philips
ORP30   Photoresistor   Philips
PE05-15   Transmitting pentode    
PL105   Mercury industrial thyratron   Philips
PL185 527A Eimac Power UHF triode, pulse modulator    
PL522 5C22 Hydrogen thyratron. Radar pulse modulator   Philips
PT5018   X-band coaxial packaged magnetron    
PT5027   X-band beacon magnetron    
PT5069   X-band beacon magnetron    
Q85033   Early strapped magnetron prototype, Birmingham Very rare  
QF41   TR switch   Ferranti
QK174C   CW magnetron, FM modulated by aux electron guns Rare  
QK290   Reflex klystron   Raytheon
QK291   Reflex klystron   Raytheon
QK422   Reflex klystron   Raytheon
QK60 4J61 Tunable CW magnetron, ECM   Raytheon
QK62 4J63 Tunable CW magnetron, ECM   Raytheon
QK698   Low-power magnetron, X-band   Raytheon
QK707A   CW magnetron for microwave ranges   Raytheon
QK753   Reflex klystron   Raytheon
QK85   Reflex klystron   Raytheon
QKK1315   Reflex klystron   Raytheon
QKW1132   TWT amplifier   ITT
QQE04-20 832A Dual UHF transmitting tetrode    
QQE06-40 829A Dual UHF transmitting tetrode    
QQV04-16 QQE04/5, 7377 Dual UHF transmitting tetrode    
R1001 3C36 NU developmental code for 3C36 Quite unique National Union
R-1790   Orbital beam amplifier, prototype of 1630 Quite unique RCA
R1 Penta   Vacuum relay   Penta
R1100   Thermocouple vacuum gauge   Sylvania
R1111   Pirani vacuum gauge   Sylvania
R1130B 1B59 Crater glow modulatror   Sylvania
R1131C   Crater glow modulatror   Sylvania
R22   Gas-filled full-wave rectifier   Rectron
R4330   Flash tube   Sylvania
R5C-4304   High-voltage vacuum contactor   Jennings
R9521   Reflex klystron   EMI
R9547   Reflex klystron   EMI
R9559   Reflex klystron   EMI
R9561   Reflex klystron   EMI
R9562   Reflex klystron   EMI
R9655-3   Reflex klystron   EMI
R9696   Reflex klystron   EMI
RB2A-26N400   Vacuum relay   Jennings
RD12Ta   UHF transmitting triode    
RD12Tf   UHF transmitting triode   Lorenz
RD2Mh   Magnetron, CW low-power    
RD4Ma   Magnetron, CW low-power    
RE134   Early power triode   Telefunken
RE58 UV201A Early triode, RCA licensed   Telefunken
REL1 VT90, 710A, 8011, 10E/97B VHF micropup transmitting triode    
REL3C CV38, E.1198 Early unstrapped 10-cm magnetron    
REL3D NT98, APW2511, E.1189 Early unstrapped 10-cm magnetron    
REL5 VT98, CV1098 REL equivalent of CV1098    
REL7 4C27, CV92, NT99 UHF micropup transmitting triode    
REL8B 8C Reflex klystron, similar to NR89   Rogers for REL
Resistron   IR vidicon    
RJ1A   Vacuum relay    
RK-707A 707A Raytheon code for 707A reflex klystron   Raytheon
RK20   Transmitting pentode   Raytheon
RK39   Transmitting pentode   Raytheon
RK52   Transmitting tetrode   Raytheon
RK61   Subminiature gas triode   Raytheon
RK-6112A CV2116 Reflex klystron    
RK-6178 6178      
RKR-72 RK-72 HV rectifier   Raytheon
RL12P35   Transmitting power pentode    
RL12P50   Transmitting power pentode    
RM4025   Magnetron, 3 cm CW. Quasi experimental WWII    Siemens
RR145V   Neon tuning indicator   Pressler
RS10-26S   Vacuum relay   Jennings
RS19 VII   Early transmitting triode, 1921 Early xmitting Telefunken
RS69 MT69, 3C20, W69 Transmitting triode    
RS394 LS30 UHF power triode    
RT-232-JPN   *** WRONG CODE, refer to RT-323    
RT-323-JPN   VHF transmitting triode, forced-air cooled Very rare Toshiba
RTH11_IAE   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled   IAE
RW2   TWT amplifier   Siemens
RX-235   HV rectifier   Raytheon
SAL89 F2004 Power pulse klystron amplifier    
SC1-1600   HV corona voltage regulator    
SC3-1200   HV corona voltage regulator    
SE-215A   BWO   Watkins-Johnson
SFD349H   X-band coaxial magnetron    
SG210   Early screen grid amplifier, double-ended Rare Cossor
SKR-2   Demo electronic windmill    
SMC-11A   Linear klystron, experimental frequency multiplier   Sperry
Sperry_early_klystron   Very early klystron, linear beam   Sperry
SRL-17   Reflex klystron   Sperry
SRL-7C   Reflex klystron   Sperry
SRL-7H   Reflex klystron   Sperry
SRU-55A   Reflex klystron   Sperry
Sutton tube prototype   Unbased prototype of Sutton tube reflex klystron Quite unique  
T-310_JPN   UHF trensmitting triode Quite unique Japan
T1000-1   Transmitting triode   Brown Boveri
T40   Transmitting triode   Taylor
T50-1   Transmitting triode   Brown Boveri
T519P-11   CRT    
T51-P2A   CRT    
T5741-32   CRT    
T581   CRT    
TAL12-35   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled   Philips
TAW12-20   Transmitting triode, water-cooled    
TB1   Very early 'kenotron' rectifier, about 1917   General Electric
TB1-60 VT62 VHF transmitting triode    
TB4-1500 8078 Transmitting triode, air-cooled    
TBL6-14   Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled    
TD03-10 CV273, DET22 UHF planar triode    
TD39   Gas noise source    
TG400   Gas thyratron   CSF
TG57   Protective spark gap    
TG59   Protective spark gap    
TG60   Protective spark gap    
Thermocouple contact   Contact-type thermocouple    
Thyratron, developmental   Developmental thyratron prototype    
TM15   Early power triode    
TM8804 TMA506 Scan converter   Thomson-CSF
TP4100 E443N Power pentode   Zenith, Monza
TRS3   Transmitting triode   Zenith, Monza
TS1, TS1a-GEMA   UHF transmitting triodes, doorknob Rare GEMA
TS6-GEMA   UHF transmitting triode, giant doorknob Rare GEMA
TT15   Chronotron   Bendix
TV1022C   CW magnetron, high-power heating    
TV222B KR222B, VA222B Reflex klystron   Thomson
TX2-3   Industrial thyratron   Brown Boveri
TY04-30 TB04-8, 316A Doorknob UHF power triode Very rare Mullard
TYS5-2000   Silica transmitting triode Rare Mullard
U15 CV3747 Half-wave vacuum rectifier, L4 base   MOV
UHF experimental triode   UHF planar prototype, octal base Quite unique  
UV-1023   TWT amplifier    
UV-1B   TWT amplifier    
UV-4   TWT amplifier    
Russian TWTs MIX   TWT amplifiers    
UV199   Early triode, thoriated-tungsten filament    
UV201 201 Early triode, tungsten filament    
UX-6653   RTR switch   Raytheon
V-45   Linear beam klystron, frequency multiplier   Varian
V190C/1M   Heil oscillator   STC
V233A/1K CV2190, CV2221 Heil oscillator   STC
V239C/1K CV5048 Heil oscillator   STC
V241C/1K CV5049 Heil oscillator   STC
V243A/2FS CV5463 Heil oscillator   STC
V246A/1K CV228 Heil oscillator   STC
V247C/1K   Heil oscillator   STC
V261C/1M   H-wave oscillator   STC
V99 UV199 Cunningham equivalent for UV199    
VA203B 6975 Reflex klystron   Varian
VA220   Reflex klystron   Varian
VA244   Reflex klystron   Varian
VH3   HV rectifier    
VS10G 6700 Trochotron counter   ETL
VS10H   Trochotron counter   ETL
VS2 Eimac   Vacuum relay   Eimac
VT-127A 100TS, WL-534, 3-100D2 UHF pulse transmitting triode    
VT-129 304TL Power transmitting triode    
VT-166 371A Half-wave vacuum rectifier    
VT-4C 211-spl, 4C21 Transmitting triode    
VT1-WE CW933, 203A Very early triode   Western Electric
VT114 CV1114, E1024, 10E/168 Power transmitting tetrode    
VT13C CV1562 Power transmitting triode, L4 base    
VT2   Very early transmitting triode, 5W   Western Electric
VT31 CV1031 Transmitting tetrode    
VT62 NT58, POVT121A, CV1062 VHF transmotting triode    
VT90 10E/97, 711A, 8011, REL 1 VHF micropup transmitting triode    
VT94 CV1094, 10E/108 Transmitting triode    
VTC6369   Power TWT    
VX5029 CV2116 Reflex klystron    
VX6012   Developmental trigatron spark gap    
VX6122   Quasi-Experimental power rectifier Very rare Mazda
W4/2G   TWT amplifier   STC
W5/2G CV6163 TWT amplifier   STC
W5/4GC   TWT amplifier   STC
W7/2D CV2188 TWT amplifier   STC
W7/3G CV5293 TWT amplifier   STC
W9/3E CV6127 TWT amplifier   STC
WD12   Early triode amplifier    
WF12H   TR switch   Ferranti
WJ211   Low-noise TWT amplifier   Watkins-Johnson
WJ3503   TWT amplifier   Watkins-Johnson
WL-532 1B32 TR switch    
WL-22934   Hollow-cathode light source   Westinghouse
WL531   HV power rectifier   Westinghouse
WL-765   Pirani vacuum gauge   Westinghouse
X-13   Reflex klystron   Varian
XL7900   Vibrating capacitor Very rare Philips
XM1000   CRT numeric indicator Rare Telefunken
XP2013   Photomultiplier    
Y-1610   SHF cermet triode   GE
Y278   Water-cooled tetrode   Eimac
YD1152   Transmitting triode, water-cooled    
YG1000   Electrometer tetrode   Telefunken
YH1050   TWT   AEG
YJ1210   X-band packaged magnetron    
YK1071   Reflex klystron    
Z5318   UHF cermet triode   GE
Z550M   Pixie numeric indicator Rare  
ZC3596 ACR13, CV1385 CRT    
ZM6086   Voltage tunable magnetron, GE VTM    
ZP-599   Split-anode magnetron    
ZP1400   Radiation counter   Mullard
ZT1011 XR1-1600A, 8063 Inert-gas thyratron   Ferranti
ZV1009 6BL6 Reflex klystron to Polarad specs   Polarad
ZV1011 8052, 5721, 6390, QK823 Reflex klystron to Polarad specs   Polarad
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