Edelpro Museum for Electronic Analog Technologies


Around the late nineties, still in Edelpro, I started collecting electronic items, parts and equipment, to preserve fine examples of human ingenuity, too hastily become useless and waiting to be scrapped to recover few pounds of metals. 


In a few years the collection grew to include hundreds of instruments and radio equipment and thousands of electronic tubes. Radios and instruments were generally serviced and returned to full operation, complete with their documentation, diagrams or service manuals, whenever available. Photos of most of them were also loaded on Radiomuseum.


Vacuum tubes are the most valuable source of information about the progress of electronics through the years. For each tube a card containing photos, original documents, applications and available data was loaded.


The catalogue, still under construction, is a virtual overview of the collection, including photos, historical notes and technical information for each item. Short introductory notes are given for each family of equipment and vacuum tubes.


Emilio Ciardiello, President of A.S.E.


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-         FR-4U Heterodyne frequency meter