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3C36 Prototype UHF transmitting prototype, National Union
2154 - Mullard Large window photocell
2442B Photomultiplier, Amperex
4316A British STC, equivalent to WE 316A
5550 / GL-415 Ignitron, GE
A-103A RCA experimental split-anode magnetron
A63-10 Diode, unknown. Likely a damper diode
C100D Oscillator, negative resistance. Made by Amperex for Collins
CV11 = 10E/501 Early British klystron. Today this is the only NR89 Sutton tube known to exist.
CV62 Micropup VHF power triode
CV69D Magnetron, high-power S-band
CV87 - KRN2 Very early British X-band klystron. About 100 units made.
CV119 Bolometer, radiation indicator
CV240 High-power VHF micropup triode. Likely the biggest micropup tube made.
CV350 Planar UHF triode
CV2353 - R6010 EMI klystron
CV2398 Saturated diode, noise generator
CV6127 - W9/3E TWT amplifier, STC
CW10 - OSRAM Magnetron, split anode, about 1935. Likely designed by Megaw and used in the early experiments on microwave radio-detection.
DV27 Early S-band Heil oscillator. Likely experimented as local oscillator in S-band RDF receivers. This is the only sample still surviving.
DV57 Early X-band Heil oscillator. Likely experimented as local oscillator in X-band RDF receivers. This is the only sample still surviving today.
E1189 prototype Very early 8-cavity magnetron prototype, GEC. This is the first laboratory unit of the 8-slot design to operate around 30 July 1940, while assembling the No.12 brought to America by the Tizard Mission.
LMS 12 German WWII X-band magnetron
LMS 13 German WWII 18 GHz experimental magnetron
LWG5 STC doorknob prototype. Oxide-coated unipotential cathode, likely experimented as UHF pulse generator around the second half of 1940.
NT57T Silica VHF radar transmitting valve, thoriated-tungsten filament
NT63A / CV1239 Silica transmitting pentode, A.P. 798A also known as 10E/442.
Q85033-Magnetron Eight-cavity strapped developmental magnetron. Likely made in 1941 at Birmingham by the Sawyers group.
RM 4025 German WWII experimental internal resonator magnetron, 3 cm
Sutton Prototype Very early Sutton klystron prototype, unbased. Likely coming from the Bristol Signal School, to be used in the experiments with external cavities.
Thyratron Unknown, EEV Thyratron, prototype
TS6 GEMA Doorknob style UHF transmitting triode
TY04-30 UHF doorknob power triode, equiv. 316A. Likely a very early reproduction made by Philips around 1937.
V190C/1M Heil oscillator
VS10H Trochotron beam-switch counter, high current
VX6012 Trigatron spark-gap, experimental
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