Latest Additions Last updated Feb. 09, 2017
Thumbnail Type Description
1B26 K-band TR switch
1B59 / R1130B Crater glow modulator
1DP1, 1DP series CRT, miniature 3/4"
1N82A UHF point contact mixer diode
2J21 Early X-band magnetron
2J21A Improved variant of 2J21
2K33 Early K-band klystron, l.o.
2K50 Reflex klystron, K-band
3B600 RF power triode, FIVRE
3D22A Thyratron tetrode
3F3-TRX Transmitting triode
3F6-TRX Transmitting triode
3F22-TA Transmitting triode
4CX1000A / 8168 Transmitting tetrode
4CX1500B / 8660 Transmitting tetrode
5J26 Magnetron, L-band tunable
6AJ7 / 6AC7 Video / IF amplifier, Canadian REL
6AK7 / 6AG7 Video / IF amplifier, Canadian REL
10AL1 Klystron, developmental S-band, British version of WE 707A
10Y / VT-25A Transmitting triode
25T Transmitting triode
53-A EIMAC Transmitting triode, VHF radar
227A Transmitting triode, VHF radar
356A / 4356A Transmitting triode, VHF
356B Transmitting triode, VHF
364A Transmitting triode, VHF
459D Klystron
723A Early X-band klystron
845W Transmitting triode
891-R Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled
913 1-inch CRT, metal body
1710 Full-wave mercury rectifier
1855 / 6896 RCA Graphecon scan converter
3891B-LMT Transmitting pentode
4304CB / CV315KB/F VHF Power Triode
4636 UHF Beam tetrode
5531 / ML-5531 Transmitting power triode
5867A / TB3/750 Transmitting triode
6230 Magnetron pulse, X-band
6422 / ML-6422 Coaxial Power Triode
6510 Magnetron, X-Band
6713 / BX1203 Trochotron noise source
6702 / BD401 Trochotron noise source
6885 UHF triode
6896 / 1855 RCA Graphecon scan converter
6961 / CV5239 Transmitting triode
7183A Display / storage CRT
7233 Triode, series voltage regulator
7234 HV voltage regulator, driver
7883 / BR-169C Triode, external anode
9524A Photomultiplier, EMI
A-1306B RCA Experimental beam deflection switch
A-2212 RCA Developmental UHF triode, 4C33 prototype
ACT25 / CV436 UHF triode
ATL 2-1 Transmitting triode
ATS70 / CV1365 Transmitting tetrode
B5441A Nixie™ numeric indicator
B5560 Nixie™ numeric indicator
B5591 = 8422 Nixie™ numeric indicator
BD401 / 6702 Trochotron noise source
BTL1-1 Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled
CG-1162 / VT-14 Early transmitting triode, 1918
CATKIN PROTOTYPE GEC prototype, forerunner of NT39
CK2129 Raysistor opto-coupler
CV14 Silica radar transmitting tube
CV15 Transmitting triode, micropup
CV79 Magnetron, CW interdigital
CV85 Trigatron, spark gap with socket
CV94 / DS103 UHF power diode, coaxial TR switch
CV114 TR switch, X-band
CV127 UHF power planar triode
CV128 Half-wave rectifier
CV148 IR image converter
CV150 Klystron, power S-band
CV174 Power tetrode, pulse modulator
CV178 UHF power triode, micropup
CV192 Magnetron , power
CV208 Magnetron, X-Band, single and double stem versions
CV209 Magnetron, X-Band
CV210 TR switch, S-band
CV214 Magnetron, X-Band
CV217 Reflex klystron, X-band
CV230 Heil oscillator
CV279 CRT, 3-inch screen
CV349 Trigatron
CV381 / BT85 Hydrogen thyratron
CV1030 / VT30 Early transmitting triode
CV1736 Planar power triode
CV2110 Hydrogen thyratron
CV2114 Magnetron, X-band
CV2158 Hydrogen thyratron
CV2200 / CVX2200 Power triode, disc seal
CV2317 Photomultiplier, EMI
CV2330 / VX9106 T/R cell, Q-Band
CV3319 / SZ31 Klystron, CW X-band
CV5443 / JPG9-02C Low-power pulse magnetron
CV6023 Backward wave oscillator
CV6071 Klystron, reflex
CV6099 Image converter
CV6166 / V241C2K Heil oscillator
CV6241 Ceramic hydrogen-filled thyratron
EFP60 Secondary emission amplifier
DLS10 / CV190 Relay, thermal delay
ET-6410A / RK-6410A / QK338 Magnetron, pulse S-Band
F4029D BWO, 'Carcinotron O'
F4053 BWO, 'Carcinotron O'
FTL3-1 Triode xmit, air cooled
GI-21 Inditron™ numeric indicator
GL-204-A Triode, transmitting
HB-106 = 6844 Nixie™ numeric indicator
HX-966 JPN Mercury rectifier, Japanese equiv. 866
K300 Klystron, X-band
K1303 Miniature photomultiplier
LG10 Full-wave vacuum rectifier
Lithocon II Image storage tube
M558 Magnetron, pulse X-band
M599A Magnetron, marine
M5100 Magnetron, pulse Q-band
Magnet 1A14 Magnet, 14 lbs
Magnetron, prototype 12-segm Magnetron, interdigital 12 segm.
Magnetic field CRT sensor Magnetic field sensor
NT45A / CV1226 / A.P. 1347 Silica transmitting triode
NT57D Silica radar transmitting triode
NT98D / CV1255 Early British S-band magnetron
QK85 Integral cavity reflex klystron
QK707A CW magnetron
R9547 Klystron, K-band
R9655-3 Klystron, reflex
R1130B / 1B59 Crater glow modulator
RE58 Early triode, 1921, equiv. UV201
REL-1 Triode micropup = VT90
RD2Mh Magnetron CW, Telefunken
RD4Ma Magnetron CW, Telefunken
RL12P50 Transmitting pentode
RT-323 JPN Transmitting tetrode, Japan
RTH 11 - IAE Transmitting triode
SMC-11A Klystron, frequency multiplier
T-310 JPN Japanese VHF power triode
T1000-1 Transmitting triode, radiation cooled
TB4/1500 RF power triode, industrial
TRS3 Triode
TV1022C Magnetron, CW heating
TYS5-2000 Transmitting Triode, 'Silica Valve'
UHF Planar Triode Experimental planar power triode
V261C-1M H-Wave microwave oscillator
VX6122 Mazda experimental rectifier
XL 7900/03 Vibrating Capacitor, vacuum sealed
YK1071 Reflex klystron