Family / Thumbnail Type Description
10.1 - CRTs
10.2 - Imaging and special functions
10.1 - CRTs
1DP1, 1DP series CRT miniature, 3/4"
2BP1 CRT oscilloscope, 2"
3ADP1 CRT oscilloscope, 3"
3DP1 CRT oscilloscope, 3"
3HP7 3-inch CRT, P7 screen
3WP2 CRT oscilloscope, 3"
5ABP1 CRT oscilloscope, 5"
5ADP1 CRT oscilloscope, 5"
5AZP4 Projection kinescope
5FP7 CRT Radar, magnetic deflection
5JP1 CRT oscilloscope, 5"
5UP1 CRT oscilloscope, 5"
89D CRT oscilloscope, dual beam
913 1-inch CRT
5083-9038 CRT oscilloscope rect. screen
6498 Memotron storage CRT
7183A Display / storage CRT
CK1741 CRT, ruggedized
CV279 3-inch CRT, P1 screen
CV955 CRT indicator
CV1522 CRT oscilloscope 
DG7-2 CRT oscilloscope
DG7-52A CRT oscilloscope
DH3-91 CRT lock-in base
HR2-100-1.5A CRT dual gun
T51P2A CRT, oscilloscope
T581 CRT, oscilloscope
T519P-11 CRT, oscilloscope distributed deflection
T5741-32-1 CRT, oscilloscope 547
ZC3596 CRT
10.2 - Imaging and special functions
1P25 IR Image converter
1855 / 6896 Graphecon scan converter
5820 Video image orthicon
6411 / IC16 IR Image converter
6896 / 1855 Graphecon scan converter
CK1414 Opto, character generator
CV148 IR Image converter
CV6099 Image converter
Lithocon II Storage tube
Magnetic field CRT sensor Magnetic probe
Resistron IR vidicon
TM8804 - TMA506 Scan converter, CSF Thomson
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