Family / Thumbnail Type Description
11.1 - Phasitrons, Chronotrons
11.2 - Telephone repeaters
11.3 - Lab demo and experimental
11.4 -Devices for weapons
11.1 - Phasitrons, Chronotrons
2H21 Phasitron
5593-GL Phasitron, FM modulator
TT15 Thermal delay device
11.2 - Telephone repeaters
175HQ Amplifier, submarine repeaters
455A Western Electric ultra hi-rel amplifier for transatlantic telephone repeater
11.3 - Lab demo and experimentals
1DP1 series Orange screen CRT
3C27 Millimicropup National Union
3C27B Millimicropup National Union
10AL1 Klystron, developmental S-band, British version of WE 707A
A-103A RCA experimental split-anode magnetron
A-1306B RCA Experimental beam deflection switch
A-2112 RCA Developmental UHF triode, 4C33 prototype
C31007-G13 Experimental photomultiplier, RCA
Catkin Prototype Experimental power catkin triode
CV8 Coaxial TR switch
CV14 Radar transmitting triode
CV150 Pulse power klystron
D100-8 Resistive dummy load
D100-600 Resistive dummy load
BR2 CRT oscilloscope, demo
GRD7 Diode measuring special
LMS 12 WWII German multi-cavity magnetron, 3 cm. Used in Berlin D radar set.
LMS 13 German quasi-experimental multi-cavity magnetron, operating at 18 GHz.
Magnetic Field CRT Sensor Magnetic field probe
Magnetron GEC 8-segm CEC prototype 8-segment interdigital
Magnetron GEC 12-segm GEC prototype 12-segment interdigital
Omegatron Sensor for mass spectrometry
R-1790 RCA Orbital beam VHF amplifier, prototype of 1630 giant acorn
RM 4025 German experimental split-anode magnetron, self-contained resonator system. 3 cm
SKR-2 Demo lab windmill
SMC-11A Klystron, frequency tripler, Sperry
Sperry Early Prototype Very early klystron prototype
T-310A JPN Transmitting triode, Japan
UHF Planar Triode Planar triode prototype
VX6122 Experimental high-current diode, Mazda
11.4 -Devices for weapons
2D29 Thyratron, subminiature
CK1306A Low-microphonic military triode
CK1307A Vacuum triode, shielded
M999 SAD