7.0 - Radar Tubes
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1B22 Spark gap, pulse modulator
1B23 TR switch
1B24 TR switch
1B25 TR switch
1B26 TR switch
1B29 Spark gap, pulse modulator
1B32 / WL-532A TR switch
1B35A TR switch
1B37 TR switch
1B40 TR switch
1B42 Spark gap, pulse modulator
1B45 Spark gap, pulse modulator
1B63 TR switch
1N21 Diode, UHF mixer
1N22 Diode, UHF mixer
1N23 Diode, UHF mixer
1N25 Diode, UHF mixer
1N28 Diode, UHF mixer
1N82A Diode, UHF mixer
1Q23 Cavity
2B22 Diode, UHF mixer
2C36 Triode, planar UHF
2C39 Power triode, UHF
2C40A Triode, planar UHF
2C41 Power triode, UHF
2C42 Triode, planar UHF
2C43 Triode, planar UHF
2C44 Triode, planar UHF
2C46 Triode, planar UHF
2J21 Early X-band pulse magnetron, 1941
2J21A Magnetron, X-band. Improved 2J21. 1942
2J22 Magnetron, S-band strapped. WWII
2J27 Magnetron, S-band strapped. WWII
2J34 Magnetron, S-band strapped. WWII
2J36 Magnetron, X-band unstrapped. Variant of 2J21 used in precision approach radar transmitter RF-6A/MPN-1, WWII
2J38 Magnetron, pulse low-power
2J39 Magnetron, pulse
2J42 Magnetron, pulse
2J49 Magnetron, pulse X-band. Frequency variant of 725A
2J50 Magnetron, pulse X-band. Frequency variant of 725A
2J51A Magnetron, pulse. Tunable packaged variant of 725A.
2J55 Magnetron, pulse. Simplified fixed frequency 2J51
2J56 Magnetron, pulse. Simplified fixed frequency 2J51
2J61 Magnetron, S-band tunable
2J62 Magnetron, S-band tunable
2J70 Magnetron, pulse marine radar
2K25 Klystron, reflex X-band
2K28 Klystron, reflex S-band. Improved 707A
2K33 Reflex klystron, K-band. Designed at Clarendon, UK, and produced by Raytheon, US.
2K33A Klystron reflex
2K33B Klystron reflex
2K41 Klystron reflex
2K45 Klystron reflex
2K50 K-band electronically tunable reflex klystron
2X1000A HV rectifier
3B24 HV rectifier
3C22 Power triode, UHF
3C27 Power triode, UHF. Millimicropup style
3C27B Power triode, UHF. Millimicropup style
3C36 National Union UHF power triode prototype, National Union
3C37 Power triode, UHF. Millimicropup style
3C45 Thyratron, hydrogen
3D21 Pentode, pulser
3E29 Twin tetrode pulser
3J22 Magnetron, pulse. Interdigital type = SD849B
4B31 HV rectifier
4B-602E Tetrode, pulse modulator
4C27 Power triode, UHF
4C28 Power triode, UHF
4C29 Power triode, UHF. Registered to REL
4C33 Power triode, UHF
4C35 Thyratron, hydrogen
4J35 Magnetron, S-band 0.5 MW
4J52 Magnetron, X-band packaged
4J57 Magnetron, pulse
4PR60 Tetrode, pulse modulator
5C22 Thyratron, hydrogen
5D21 Tetrode, pulse modulator
5FP7 CRT, P7 screen electrostatic deflection
5J26 Magnetron, pulse L-band
5J29 Magnetron, CW. WWII ECM radar jammer
5J30 Magnetron, CW. WWII ECM radar jammer
5J32 Magnetron, CW. WWII ECM radar jammer
5J33 Magnetron, CW. WWII ECM radar jammer
6AJ7-6AC7 Pentode, REL video amplifier
6AK7-6AG7 Pentode, REL video amplifier
6C21 Triode, pulse modulator
6D4-CV1949 Triode thyratron, miniature
10AL1 S-band developmental klystron. British version of 707A
10E-467 / REL 21 TR switch
10E/501 - CV11 Very early British klystron, 'Sutton tube', S-band. About 1940 or early 1941.
15E Power triode, UHF
15R HV rectifier, gridless 15E
24B1 Trigatron spark gap
24B9 Trigatron spark gap
53A-Eimac UHF power triode
227 Power triode, UHF
227A Power triode, UHF
316A / VT-191 Power triode, UHF. About 1936
322 Power diode, planar oil-can shape
327A Power triode, UHF
334H-8175 TWT amplifier
356A / 4356A Triode, power RF. Used in the modulator of CXAS, about 1939
356B Triode, pulse modulator
368A Power triode, UHF
368AS Power triode, UHF
381-ML Power triode, UHF. Derived from 2C39
388A Power triode, UHF
417A to C Klystron, reflex. S-band
446A Triode, lighthouse UHF amplifier
577 HV rectifier
583 HV rectifier
589 HV rectifier, oil immersed operation
701A Tetrode, pulse modulator for the WE 700A to D magnetron 
702B TR switch
703A Power triode, UHF
704A UHF diode
705A HV rectifier, gridless 356A
706A Magnetron. S-band family derived from British E-1189
707A Klystron, reflex, S-band
707B Klystron, reflex
708A Triode, UHF G-G amplifier / mixer
709A TR switch
710A Power triode, VHF micropup
714A Magnetron, pulse
715A - C Tetrode, pulse modulator
717A VHF amplifier
721A TR switch
723A Klystron, reflex. Early X-band type
723A/B Klystron, reflex. As 723A with extended tuning range
724A TR switch
725A Magnetron, pulse. Early X-band WE design
726B Klystron, reflex
728A - GY Magnetron, pulse L-band, fixed frequency
730A Magnetron, X-band. Variant of 725A with rotated WG output
955 UHF amplifier
1258 Thyratron, hydrogen
1630 VHF amplifier, orbital beam giant acorn. About 1939
1636 Mixer, beam deflection
1851 RF/IF video amplifier
1855 / 6896 RCA 'Graphecon' scan converter
1960 TR switch
4012 TWT amplifier
4304CB / CV315 Power triode, VHF. 
4316A British STC equivalent of 316A, about 1937.
L-5035 Magnetron, coaxial, pulse
5586 / CV3611 Magnetron, pulse
5863 TR switch
5948 Thyratron, hydrogen
5957 Thyratron, hydrogen
6043 / ET-6043 Klystron reflex, also RK-6043
6089 / WL-6089 Resonating cavity, X-band
6102-WL HV rectifier, oil immersed operation
6130 Thyratron, hydrogen
6178 / RK-6178 Klystron reflex, wg top flange
6229 / QK299 Magnetron, pulse, missile guidance
6230 / QK299B Magnetron, pulse
6303 / X-80 HV rectifier
6322 = BL-25 Tunable TR switch
6339 HV rectifier, oil immersed operation
6344A Magnetron, pulse, high power
6410A Magnetron, pulse. 4 MW peak power
6452 Resonating cavity
6510 Magnetron, pulse
6560 TR switch, dual
6619 Pre-TR
6781 Klystron reflex
6975 Klystron reflex, high stability
7183A Display / Storage CRT
7191 Thyratron, hydrogen
7384 Thyratron, hydrogen
7503 Magnetron, pulse, small power beacons
7665A Thyratron, hydrogen. Ceramic
8011 Power triode, VHF micropup
8020 HV rectifier
8026 Power triode, UHF micropup
B622 TR switch
BL-25 TR switch
BL-212 Magnetron, pulse
BL-397A TR switch
BL-696 TR switch
BL-735 Spark gap, pulse modulator
C1150-1 Tetrode, pulse modulator
CV5 HV rectifier, mercury
CV8 TR switch diode
CV11 - 10E/501 Very early British klystron, 'Sutton tube', S-band. About 1940 or early 1941.
CV14 Power triode, silica. Experimental high-emission variant of NT57T
CV15 Power triode, VHF conduction-cooled micropup
CV16 Amplifier, VHF planar disc seal
CV22 Thyratron, mercury
CV35 Klystron reflex, improved 'Sutton tube'. 1941
CV43 TR switch, 'soft Sutton tube'
CV53 Amplifier, VHF. Planar disc seal triode
CV55 Power triode, UHF millimicropup
CV56 Magnetron, pulse. Strapped NT98, 1941
CV56A Magnetron, pulse
CV56B Magnetron, pulse
CV56C Magnetron, pulse
CV57 Tetrode, pulse modulator
CV58 Diode, UHF mixer. GEC E-1273, 1942
CV62 Micropup transmitting triode, 200 MHz, See also VT90. About 1939
CV64 Magnetron, pulse. Echelon strapped CV38. BTH type BM717, early 1942 
CV67 Klystron reflex, improved 'Sutton tube'. 1941
CV69D Magnetron, high-power S-band
CV72 Tetrode, pulse modulator
CV76 Magnetron, pulse
CV82 Triode, UHF oscillator
CV85 Trigatron spark gap
CV87 / KRN2 Early X-band British Klystron. September 1942
CV88 Triode, UHF amplifier
CV90 Triode, UHF amplifier
CV92 Power triode, UHF
CV94 / DS103 Diode, TR switch
CV100 Trigatron spark gap
CV114 Early X-band TR switch
CV115 TR switch
CV125 / REL 38C Trigatron spark gap
CV129 Klystron reflex
CV150 Power klystron, S-band
CV155 Power triode, UHF
CV158 Klystron reflex
CV160 Magnetron, pulse
CV174 Power tetrode, pulse modulator
CV178 UHF power triode, micropup
CV186 Magnetron, pulse
CV189 Protective spark gap
CV192 Magnetron, pulse
CV193 TR switch
CV199 Power triode, UHF
CV208 Magnetron, pulse X-band
CV209 Magnetron, pulse X-band
CV214 Magnetron, pulse X-band
CV217 Klystron reflex
CV238 Klystron reflex
CV239 TR switch
CV240 High-power micropup VHF triode
CV258 Diode, UHF mixer. Derated CV58
CV349 Trigatron spark gap
CV350 Planar disc-seal triode, similar to CV90
CV359 Power indicator, waveguide
CV381 / BT85 Hydrogen-filled thyratron
CV486 Trigatron spark gap
CV490 / 19H5 HV rectifier
CV513 / 4J53 Magnetron, pulse
CV955 / NC6 CRT
CV1098 / VT98 Power triode, VHF
CV1120 / VU120 HV rectifier
CV1255 / NT98D Magnetron, pulse
CV1256 / NT99 Power triode, UHF
CV1297 TR switch
CV1479 / CV76A Magnetron, pulse
CV1480 / CV76B Magnetron, pulse
CV1482 / CV76D Magnetron, pulse
CV1484 Magnetron, pulse
CV1522 CRT
CV1736 UHF power planar triode
CV2110 Hydrogen-filled thyratron = BT83
CV2111 X-band pulse magnetron
CV2114 X-band pulse magnetron
CV2158 Hydrogen filled thyratron
CV2163 Power triode, VHF
CV2200 / CVX2200 Power triode, pulse
CV2258 Diode, UHF mixer
CV2274 TR switch
CV2330 / VX9106 TR switch
CV2380 Magnetron, pulse
CV2381 BWO
CV2393 BWO
CV2739 TR switch
CV3528 Magnetron, pulse
CV3319 / SZ31 X-band power klystron
CV5443 / JPG9-02C Low-power pulse magnetron
CV5918 Pre-TR
CV6008 Trigatron spark gap
CV6022 / 8503 Thyratron, hydrogen
CV6023 Backward wave oscillator, BWO
CV6051 / CX1140 Thyratron, hydrogen
CV6127 - W9/3E TWT cascadable low-level amplifier
CV6241 - CX1157 Ceramic hydrogen thyratron
CV8265 / ESU112 HV rectifier
CV8563 / CX1140 Thyratron, hydrogen
CW10 OSRAM Magnetron, split-anode. About 1936, not directly related to radar applications but used in the developmental work on microwave.
DV27 Super-secret experimental Heil oscillator, S-band. Used in WWII to demonstrate the feasibility of FM barrage radar jammers
DV57 Super-secret experimental Heil oscillator, X-band. Used in WWII to demonstrate the feasibility of FM barrage radar jammers
E-1189 Prototype Very early developmental prototype of GEC E-1189 first 10-cm multi-cavity magnetron. About July 1940. Only four built.
EF50 Pentode, RF/IF amplifier. Also known as VR91, CV1091, ARP35, 10E/92, ZA3058, VT207 among the others. The most used British amplifier through WWII.
ESU112 / CV8265 HV rectifier
ET-121 Magnetron, pulse
ET-6410A / 6410A Magnetron, pulse S-band
F-3029D BWO, O type Carcinotron
F-4053 BWO
GL-434 Power triode, VHF
JP8-02B Magnetron, pulse X-band
K300 X-band reflex klystron, l.o.
LS180 Power triode, UHF
LWG5 STC STC developmental prototype, about 1938 (3B/250A?)
M505 Magnetron, pulse
M558 X-band pulse magnetron
M575B Magnetron, pulse
M599A Magnetron, pulse
M5089 Magnetron, pulse X-band
M5100 Magnetron, pulse
M5114B Magnetron, pulse
M5170 Magnetron, pulse S-band
Magnet 14-lb Magnet, 14 lbs.
MC86 Magnetron, pulse S-band
MG5222 Magnetron, pulse X-band
ML-7003 Triode, pulse modulator
NT57D Early radar transmitting triode. About 1937-1938
NT57T Thoriated-tungsten filament, variant of NT57 with increased emission. 1939
NT98C / CV1493 Magnetron, pulse S-band
NT98D / CV1255 / CV1493 Magnetron, pulse S-band
NT99 Power triode, UHF
PL-185 / 527A Power triode, UHF
PL522 / 5C21 Thyratron, hydrogen
PT-5018 Magnetron
PT-5027 Magnetron
PT-5069 Magnetron
Q85033 Early 10 cm strapped developmental magnetron
QF41 TR switch
QK60 / 4J61 Magnetron, CW
QK62 / 4J63 Magnetron, CW
QK85 Klystron reflex
QK290 Klystron reflex
QK291 Klystron reflex
QK698 Magnetron
QK753 Klystron reflex
QKW-1132 TWT amplifier
R-9521 Klystron reflex
R-9547 K-band eflex klystron
R-9559 Klystron reflex
R-9561 Klystron reflex
R-9562 Klystron reflex
R-9696 Klystron reflex
RD12Tf UHF pulse transmitting triode
REL-1 Power triode, VHF
REL-3C Magnetron, pulse
REL-3D Magnetron, pulse
REL-7 / CV92 Power triode, UHF
REL-8B REL early reflex klystron. Canadian version of 10E/501-CV11. 1941
REL-21 / 10E/467 TR switch
REL-38C / CV125 Trigatron spark gap
RK-6178 Klystron reflex
RK-707A / 707A Klystron reflex
RKR-72 HV rectifier
RS394 UHF transmitting triode. Used in the transmitter of FuG202 Lichtenstein radar set
RT-323 Toshiba VHF power triode, used in the Japanese Tachi No.7 mobile warning set. 1942
RX-235 HV rectifier
SAL89 / F2004 Klystron, linear power
SD849B Magnetron experimental, = 3J22
SFD349H Magnetron, pulse
Sperry Early Klystron Klystron, linear power
SRL-7C Klystron
SRL-7H Klystron
SRL-17 Klystron
SRU-55A Klystron
Sutton tube prototype Unbased bulb of 'Sutton tube' probably used in the development of the resonator for 10E/501-CV11 klystron. 1940
T-310 JPN VHF power triode
TG-57 Protective spark gap
TG-59 Protective spark gap
TG-60 Protective spark gap
Thyratron, unknown Gas thyratron prototype, BTH or GEC
TS6 GEMA Giant doorknob UHF transmitting triode
TY04-30 Early prototype by Mullard of UHF triode similar to 316A. Later coded as TB04/8. About 1938.
UX-6653 TR switch
VA203B /6975 Klystron reflex
VT90 Power triode, VHF. 1939
VT-127A Power triode, UHF
VX6012 Experimental trigatron spark gap
WF-12H TR switch
WJ-211 TWT amplifier
WJ-3503-1 TWT amplifier
WL-531 HV rectifier
WL-532A / 1B32 TR switch
VT114 Power transmitting tetrode
X-13 Klystron reflex
X-80 HV rectifier
YJ1210 Magnetron, pulse
ZM-6086 Magnetron, voltage tunable, VTM
ZP-599 Magnetron, split anode