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4. TRANSMITTING TUBES Last updated Apr. 2018
2C36 Triode UHF rocket 
2C39 Triode UHF xmit, oil-can
2C40A Triode UHF lighthouse
2C41 Triode UHF xmit pulse, oil-can
2C42 Triode UHF lighthouse
2C43 Triode UHF lighthouse
2C44 Triode UHF lighthouse
2C46 Triode UHF lighthouse
2E22 Pentode transmitting
2E24 Tetrode, beam transmitting
2H21 Phasitron
3-200A3 / 592 Triode, transmitting = GE 592
3C22 Triode UHF xmit disc-sealed
3C24 Triode transmitting power
3C27 Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup
3C27B Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup
3C37 Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup
3CX100A5 Triode UHF xmit pulse, oil-can
3CX1500A7 Triode transmitting power
3CX3000F1 Triode transmitting power
3D21A, B Tetrode, beam transmitting
3E29 Dual power tetrode
3F3-TRX Transmitting triode
3F6-TRX Transmitting triode
3F20-TA Transmitting triode
3F22-TA Transmitting Triode
3B600 RF power triode, FIVRE
4B/602E Tetrode pulse modulator
4C27 Triode UHF xmit micropup = CV92
4C28 Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup
4C29 Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup
4C33 Triode UHF xmit pulse, coaxial
4C500 Tetrode transmitting power
4CX125 Tetrode, beam transmitting
4CX250 Tetrode, beam transmitting
4CX300A, Y Tetrode, beam transmitting
4CX1000A / 8168 Tetrode, beam transmitting
4CX1500B /8660 Tetrode, beam transmitting
4D32 Tetrode, beam transmitting
4E27 Pentode transmitting
4H/182E See CV1883
4PR60 Tetrode, pulse modulator
4X150 Tetrode, beam transmitting
4X500A Tetrode, beam transmitting
4-65 Tetrode, beam transmitting
4-125A Tetrode, beam transmitting
5D23-RK65 Tetrode, transmitting
6C21 Triode, pulse modulator
6C24 Micropup VHF triode
6L6 Tetrode beam power
6TP Beam power tube
10E/8738 Transmitting triode = CV1030
5762 / 7C24 VHF power triode, 3 kW
10Y / VT-25A Power triode
15E Triode UHF xmit pulse = 4C30
25T Triode transmitting power
35T Triode transmitting power
53-A EIMAC Triode VHF power
97-136A2 Twin-tetrode beam power, VHF
100TH Triode xmit power
204A Triode, transmitting power, see also GL-204-A
227 EIMAC Triode VHF power
227A EIMAC Triode VHF power
250T Triode xmit power
254-HK Triode xmit power
261-A Triode xmit power
282A Tetrode transmitting power
304H Triode transmitting power
304-TL / VT-129 Triode transmitting power
316A / VT-191 Triode UHF doorknob
322 Diode UHF power, oil-can
327A EIMAC Triode UHF xmit. pulse
356A / 4356A Triode, power VHF
356B Triode, power VHF
357B-ML Triode transmitting power
364A Triode, power VHF
368A Triode UHF doorknob
368AS Triode UHF doorknob
381-ML Triode UHF xmit, oil-can
388A Triode UHF doorknob
416A,D Triode UHF xmit planar
502 / 5760 Transmitting triode = 5760
527A VHF power triode, = PL-185
703A Triode UHF doorknob
701A Tetrode beam power, radar modulator
710A Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup
715A, 715 C Tetrode, pulse modulator
803 Transmitting pentode
807 Tetrode beam power
808 Triode xmit power
813 Transmitting tetrode
814 Transmitting tetrode
815 Tetrode beam power
826 Triode UHF xmit
829,B Tetrode beam power; see also 3E29
832 Tetrode beam power
833 Triode xmit power
845 Triode xmit power
846 Transmitting triode, water-cooled
852 VHF transmitting triode
860 Tetrode power VHF
880-GL Transmitting triode, water-cooled
891-R Transmitting triode, forced-air cooled
893B Transmitting triode, water-cooled
1613/VT-175 Transmitting pentode
1614 Transmitting pentode
4304CB / CV315KB/F VHF transmitting triode
4062 Triode UHF cermet
4624 UHF cermet transmitting tetrode
4636 UHF power tetrode
5513 VHF transmitting triode, air-cooled *
5531 / ML-5531 Transmitting triode, air-cooled
5593-GL Phasitron, FM modulator
5762 / 7C24 VHF power triode, 3 kW
5867A / TB3/750 Transmitting triode
5668 Transmitting triode, water-cooled
5680 Transmitting triode, forced-air-cooled
5760 Transmitting triode, water-cooled = AX-502
5868 Triode transmitting power
5933 Tetrode, beam transmitting
5946 Triode UHF xmit pulse, coaxial
6076 Tetrode, transmitting. Alternate code for QBL5/3500
6146 Tetrode, beam transmitting
6161 Triode UHF xmit pulse, coaxial
6263 Triode UHF pencil
6280 Triode UHF xmit planar, = 416B
6422 / ML-6422 Coaxial power triode
6442 Triode UHF power cermet
6562 UHF Xmit module
6816 Tetrode, beam transmitting
6884 Tetrode, beam transmitting
6885 Triode, planar
6907 Tetrode, beam transmitting
6961 / CV5239 Transmitting triode
7034 See 4X150A
7193 Triode VHF dual cap
7255-WL Water-cooled triode
7289 Triode UHF xmit pulse, oil-can
7377 QQV04-16 Dual tetrode
7554 Triode UHF xmit planar
7698 Triode UHF xmit pulse, oil-can
7815 Triode UHF xmit pulse, oil-can
7883 / BR-169C Triode, external anode
7910 Cermet microwave triode
8002-R VHF power triode, 1.2 kW
8011 Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup = 710A, VT240, REL1
8012 Triode UHF xmit 4 caps
8012A Triode UHF xmit 4 caps
8014A Triode VHF xmit, micropup
8025 Triode UHF xmit 4 caps
8026 Micropup UHF triode = CV92
8172 See 4X150A
8438 Transmitting tetrode
8592-AX RF power triode, water-cooled = TBH 7-8000
8596 Tetrode beam power
8621 Tetrode beam power = 4CX250F
8877 See 3CX1500A7
8906 Triode UHF xmit pulse, oil-can
A-2212 RCA Developmental UHF triode, 4C33 prototype
ACT25 / CV436 Triode UHF power
ACT28 See CV2163
AT50 Early transmitting triode
ATL 2-1 Transmitting triode
ATS25 Transmitting tetrode
ATS70 / CV1365 Transmitting tetrode
AX10318-1 Power tetrode, oil-cooled
BTL1-1 Power triode, forced-air-cooled
C-100A Amperex - Collins negative resistance oscillator designed to a 1915 patent released to Robert Goddard. About 1935
C-100D Amperex - Collins negative resistance oscillator. Improved variant of C-100A. 1938
C1150-1 Power tetrode, pulse rated
C-2063 Triode UHF/SHF cermet module
C-2064 Triode UHF/SHF cermet module
CG-1162 / VT-14 Early transmitting triode, 1918
CV-11-UE Transmitting triode
CV6 Triode UHF dual cap
CV14 Transmitter silica valve, radar
CV15 Triode micropup
CV28 Triode xmit power
CV52 Triode UHF
CV55 Triode UHF xmit micropup
CV57 Tetrode beam power
CV62 VHF micropup triode
CV72 Power pentode
CV78 UHF Transmitting Triode
CV92 Triode micropup = 4C27, 8026
CV127 UHF planar triode
CV155 Triode UHF xmit micropup
CV178 Triode UHF xmit micropup
CV199 Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup
CV240 High-power micropup triode
CV1025 / VT25 British transmitting triode, L4 base
CV1030 / VT30 Early transmitting triode = VT30
CV1031 Transmitting tetrode = VT31
CV1090 Micropup VHF triode = VT90
CV1098 Triode VHF transmitting (VT98)
CV1222 Triode, transmitting = NT39
CV1226 / A.P. 1347 Triode transmitting, silica. Also see NT45A
CV1239 / NT63A Silica transmitting pentode
CV1256 Triode UHF xmit pulse, micropup
CV1501/10E-389 Transmitting pentode
CV1883 Triode UHF xmit = 4H/182E
CV2163 Triode UHF xmit = ACT28
CV2200 / CVX2200 Power triode, disk seal
CW 38412 Transmitting pentode
C-100A Gridless oscillator. Made by Amperex for Collins. 1935
C-100D Negative resistance oscillator. Made by Amperex for Collins. 1938
DET24 Triode UHF xmit planar = CV397
E-1148 Triode VHF, dual cap
E1200 Transmitting triode, eq. 833A
F30 Triode xmit power
F129B Triode xmit water-cooled
FTL3-1 Triode xmit, air cooled
FTL3-2 Triode xmit, air cooled
FTL8-1 Triode xmit, air cooled
GL-204-A Triode, xmit power, see also 204A
GL-434A Triode xmit power
GL-6019 Tetrode beam power
HF-100 Triode xmit power
HY-615 VHF low-power transmitting triode = VT-235
LD5 Triode xmit power
LD15 Triode xmit power
LS50 Pentode transmitting
LS180 Transmitting triode, UHF
ML-719 Triode xmit power
ML-7003 Triode power 
MT31 Triode xmit, air cooled
MT69 Triode xmit, air cooled
MZ12-200 Triode air cooled, equiv. 212E
NT39 Triode xmit, air cooled
NT45A / A.P. 1347 Triode transmitting, silica. Also see CV1226
NT57D Early radar transmitting triode
NT63A / CV1239 Silica transmitting pentode
NT99 Triode transmitting micropup *
PE05-15 Pentode transmitting
PL-185 VHF triode and pulse modulator
QBL4/800 Tetrode, beam transmitting
QQE04/20 Twin tetrode transmitting
QQE06/40 Twin tetrode transmitting
QQV04-16 / QQE04/5 Twin tetrode transmitting = 7377
RD12Ta Triode UHF 
RD12Tf Triode, pulse UHF
REL1 Triode micropup = VT90
REL7 Triode micropup = CV92, 4C27
RK20 Pentode transmitting
RK39 Pentode transmitting
RK65 / 5D23 Tetrode, transmitting
RL12P35 Pentode transmitting
RL12P50 Pentode transmitting
RS19 VII 150W Transmitting triode, 1919
RS69 Transmitting triode
RS394 UHF transmitting triode
RT-323 JPN Transmitting tetrode, VHF
RTH 11 Transmitting triode
T-310A JAPAN VHF/UHF Japanese transmitting triode. Likely derived from German LS180 and intended for Tachi 24 radar. No info found.
T40 Transmitting triode
T50-1 Triode power
T1000-1 Triode, radiation cooled
TAL12-35 Triode power
TAW12-20 Water-cooled transmitting triode
TB1/60 Triode VHF power
TB4/1500 RF power triode, industrial
TBL6/14 Triode, industrial RF generator
TRS3 Triode, transmitting
TS6 GEMA Giant doorknob UHF triode
TYS5-2000 Transmitting triode, 'silica valve'
UHF Planar Triode Experimental planar power triode
VT-1_WE Early military triode, about 1917
VT-2 Early military triode
VT-4C Triode power
VT-34 Water-cooled transmitting triode = 207-JAN
VT13C Early transmitting triode
VT25 / CV1025 / DET 25 Early transmitting triode
VT30 / 10E8738 / CV1030 Early transmitting triode
VT31 Transmitting tetrode = CV1031
VT62 Triode VHF power
VT90 Triode micropup
VT94 Transmitting triode
VT114 Transmitting tetrode, pulse
VT-127A Triode UHF transmit
Y-278 Triode power
YD1152 Triode power, RF heating
YL1150 Beam power tetrode
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