Family / Thumbnail Type Description
9.1 - Computer-rated and hi-rel tubes
9.2 - Trochotron, beam-switching tubes
9.3 - Dekatron tubes
9.4 - Nixie displays and indicators
9.1 - Computer rated & hi-rel tubes
2C50 Twin power triode
3C33 Twin triode, servo amplifier
92A29 Germanium switch transistor
5670 High-rel 2C51
5693 Pentode, 'Special Red' 6SJ7
5755 - 420A Twin triode, DC amplifier
6094 - TE18 High-rel variant of 6AQ5, beam power amplifier
6463 Twin triode, frequency divider
6829 Twin triode, premium 12AV7
6927 - 6J6L Twin triode, common cathode, 10 khours 6J6
7036 Computer rated hepltode
7416 / TD-36A Gas Diode
E4T Beam-switch pulse generator
E80T Beam-switch pulse generator
Lithocon II Image storage tube
9.2 - Trochotron, beam-switching tubes
6090 Beam-switch demultiplexer
6324 Beam switch selector, 25-stage
6700 Beam switch counter HB-101
6701 Beam switch counter
6702 / BD401 Beam switch wide-band noise source
6703 Beam switch counter = BD301
6704 / MO-10R High-speed, 10MHz counter
6710 Beam switch counter = BX1000
6713 / BX1203 Actually a trochotron noise source
BD300 Beam switch counter
BD301 = 6703 Beam switch counter
BD316 Beam switch counter
BX1000 Beam switch counter = 6710
BX1204 Beam switch device
BX2003 Beam switch counter
BX2004 Beam switch counter
BX2005 Beam switch counter
BX3000 Beam switch counter
BX4000 Beam switch counter, low-voltage shielded
CV5277 Beam switch counter = ET51, 6700
VS10G Beam switch counter
VS10H High-current beam switch decade counter
E1T Decade Counter = 6370
E4T Beam-switch pulse generator
E80T Beam-switch pulse generator
LBS-1 NU Electrostatic beam switch tube
9.3 - Dekatron tubes
6167 Dekatron
6909 Dekatron
CV1739 Dekatron = GC10/4B
CVX2223 Dekatron = G10/241E
EZ10B Counter
GC10B/S Dekatron
GR10A Dekatron
GS10-C/S Dekatron = CV1739
7710 Computer counter triode gas
CV2255 Computer counter, trigger
CV5217 Gas triode
9.4 - Nixie displays and indicators
395A Counting indicator
6844 / HB-106 Nixie numeric indicator
6977 Binary indicator
8422 Nixie™ numeric indicator
B5441A Nixie™ numeric indicator
B5560 Nixie™ numeric indicator
B5991 = 8422 Nixie™ numeric indicator
HB-106 Nixie™ numeric indicator
GI-21 Inditron numeric indicator
XM1000 CRT numeric indicator
Z550M Pixie numeric indicator
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