Family / Thumbnail Type Description
56 Triode amplifier
215A Triode amplifier, peanut
1876 Rectifier, vacuum
3184 Neon glow tuning indicator
A441 Bigrid amplifier, early 'Miniwatt'
Audiotron Very early triode, Cunningham
ACT6 / VT25 / CV1025 Transmitting triode, external anode
AT50 Early transmitting triode
ATS70 / CV1365 Transmitting tetrode
B_Raytheon Gas-filled rectifier
BA_Raytheon Gas-filled rectifier
BH_Raytheon Gas-filled rectifier
C-100A Collins-Amperex oscillator. Quite late but made to a 1915 patent.
CG-1162 / VT-14 Early transmitting triode, 1918
CX-301-A Early triode amplifier, Cunningham
D-79510 Ionization vacuum sensor
D-79512 Ionization vacuum sensor
D-II Philips Early triode, about 1921
DV2_ZENITH Early triode amplifier
HR-406 Early triode
Kellog-Type 20 Early AC Power Triode
Kellog-401 Early AC Triode
KL71403 Triode, power audio amplifier
KL75303 Equiv. to RGN1404
L424 Triode = RE084, Zenith
Micro Bigrille - OC. Early tetrode, mixer
MR1 Diode rectifier HV
N30 Catkin tube
NU13A / CV1266 Rectifier, L4 base
R22 Gas-filled rectifier
RE58 Early triode, equiv. UV201
RE134 Power triode, audio amplifier
RR145V Neon glow tuning indicator
RS19 VII 150 W early transmitting triode, Telefunken 1919
SG-210 Screen grid HF amplifier, Cossor
TB1 Diode rectifier
TM15 French power triode
TP4100 Power pentode, Zenith Monza
TRS3 Triode
U15 Rectifier, vacuum L4 base
UV199 Triode amplifier
UV201 Very early triode, RCA and others
V99 Triode amplifier, similar to UV199
VT-1 Early triode, WWI
VT-2 Very early transmitting triode
VT13C Early transmitting triode
VT25 / DET25 / CV1025 Transmitting triode, L4 base
VT30 / 10E8738/ CV1030 Early transmitting triode, 1922
VT31 Transmitting tetrode
WD12 Triode amplifier
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