Silica valve exhibits
Thumbnail Type Description Notes
CV14 This is the swan song for silica valves. Around 1940 it was proposed for VHF high-power radar transmitters. Never went out the experimental phase. In 1943 it had been already canceled from the CV register.
NT45A Small transmitting triode, 1.2 kW. Complete with history sheet for return to a workshop in case of failures. Also referred to as CV1226, A.P.1347
NT57D Early silica triode designed for radar transmitters. Short electrodes, to operate at 45 MHz. With new lead sealing, it replaced the NT57 in 1938
NT57T Improved version of NT57. Thoriated-tungsten filament with 5 A current emission, about twice the current of NT57.
NT63A Silica transmitting pentode. 2.5 kW plate dissipation. Also referred to as CV1239, A.P.798A, 10E/442
TYS5-2000 Power triode, capable of operation to 30 MHz.   2 kW plate power dissipation.
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