CM - Communication sets
Collins 51J2 General coverage receiver, 0.5 to 30.5 MHz, 1951
Elmer R-1003 LF / MF / HF receiver, 10 kHz to 30 MHz, 10 Hz step
Elmer SP-520 HF receiver, solid-state, 2 to 30 MHz
Elmer SP-520-L/11 HF receiver, same as SP-520 plus Link-11 option
Elmer SP-689 RTTY decoder
Elmer SP-706-PS RF preselector
Elmer SP-841/D HF receiving system: SP-520-L/11 plus SP-706-PS
Elmer SR11 HF receiving system: SP-520 plus SP-689 and speaker
Hammarlund SP-110, SPR-110LX Super Pro LF / HF receiver, 1937
Hammarlund SP-600JX-14 Super Pro HF receiver
Manson, USA O-1207/URC (?) Local oscillator, frequency synthesizer
Military BC-191 SW transmitter
Military BC-312 HF receiver
Military BC-614-E Speech amplifier
Military BC-778 Gibson Girl', WWII life support transmitter
Military R-220/URR VHF receiver, 20 to 230 MHz
Military R-390A/URR HF receiver, 0.5 to 32 MHz digital reading
Military R-392 / URR HF receiver, vehicular version of R-390
Military R-988 / BRR-3 ELF receiver, CW & FSK. 14 to 30 kHz
Military R-1051-URR HF receiver, 2 to 30 MHz
Military RBZ Special Portable WWII receiver
Military RT-159/URC-4 VHF survival radio receiver-transmitter
Military RT-742/ARC-51 VHF airborne AM receiver-transmitter, 3500 channels
Military T-217/GR Transmitter, part of AN/GRC-27 communication system
Military TU-128B part of AN/APR-9 Tuning unit of APR-9 early warning receiver
Military CN Wireless Set No.19 Mk III Receiver-transmitter, WWII
Sangean ATS-818 General coverage AM / FM solid-state receiver