List of historic valves in the ase-museoedelpro collection
Transmitting tubes
3B600 Fivre transmitting triode, RF heating or electro-medical equipment. 600 W  
3F3-TRX Fivre transmitting triode, forced air cooled. 3 kW **
3F6-TRX Fivre transmitting triode, forced air cooled. 6 kW. Probably proposed for industrial heating **
3F20 22 kW Fivre transmitting triode. External water jacket. Also used in industrial RF heating. **
3F22TA Fivre transmitting triode similar to the 3F20 but more compact thanks to the folded anode. **
15E / 15R UHF pulse triode, aka 4C30. 15R is the gridless variant proposed as HV rectifier  
53A UHF transmitting triode  
227 / 227A VHF transmitting triode  
316A / VT-191 Doorknob style UHF power triode  
356A / 356B VHF power triode, derived from the 100TH. Used in the modulator of the early CXAS radar. The gridded variant was proposed as the 705A high-voltage rectifier.  
357A/357B VHF transmitting triode *
364A VHF transmitting triode **
527A/PL-185 VHF power triode used as radar oscillator or modulator. Four tubes in the ring oscillator of SK-1M set gave 1 MW at 225 MHz. Eimac was second sourced by Penta Labs. *
880/GL-880 Folded anode 20 kW transmitting triode requiring external water jacket.
The very compact arrangement of the electrodes also offers improved frequency performance.
An excellent demonstrator of glass-to-copper welding technology.
891/891R The rated power of the water-cooled 891 triode was 7 kW. The  891R with finned radiator was rated at 4 kW with forced-air cooling.
*** This sample, made by Italian Fivre, survived the shipping to us despite its mass of over 20 kg.***