Radio sets, circuits and instrumentation

- Conelrad and Civil Defense, by Emilio Ciardiello
- Ampex early video recorder: by Ross H. Snyder from Electronics, August 1957

- Diagrams of early X-band airborne radar set APS-3, from Electronics, June 1948

- SHORAN precision VHF navigation system by RCA, from Radiation Lab. Series
- Design Excellence: the Collins PTO, by Emilio Ciardiello

- Design Excellence: R-1051, the swan song of vacuum tube sets, by E. Ciardiello
- The vacuum tube distributed amplifier, by Emilio Ciardiello

- Low Frequency Radio Range: a short description of the system is given here
- Analog computers, by Emilio Ciardiello
- CRT digital mass memories, by Emilio Ciardiello
- ERNIE, the lottery computer

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